How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Holy Grail Of Law Enforcement

The Holy Grail Of Law Enfarcement:

From Beverly Hills Cop - Scene with the Jewish Accountant who wants to wave $100 bills around to get Eddie Murphy to forgive scads of parking tickets.

Trolling in the trailer park (Lynch (Mob) On The River Niagara Falls NY) with $100 bills thanks to William Jefferson Clinton and Monica Lewinksy and your cigars...

Is there not some way that I can blame you (The Victim) tomorrow for some insignificant bit of nonsense that would allow me and my partners in crime to get away with 50+ years of murder and atrocities?

I can no longer accommodate your wants to be felons in lieu of Police nor should the people of the USA.

For me, influencing me or misleading me does nothing to substantiate State's atrocities as being justice or anything but crimes.

Why bother? It only proves guilt and manipulation by State.

Grandpa Glenn lived in Lynch Mobile Home Park in Niagara Falls NY. I am sure that is part of the vanity also.

Lynch Park-On The River 2080 River Rd Niagara Falls, New York 14304
Phone +1 716-283-1990