How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Heike Loses It - Or How There Never Was A Marriage.

Heike Helga Jones My Former Spouse

Where Heike ceases to be a wife and this was never a marriage comes from the facts that:

Heike knew of the 1981 knife attack and the fact that Doug Golde and my parents are involved. This was no accident as I was told. She knew that.

Heike knew of the Stateless nature I was placed in and she worked with the State via SUNY Buffalo to compel those frauds related to the degree and employment and medical and legal quackery.

Heike knew of the child abuse, pornography and the involvement of the police and my parents that harmed me and my sister including the making of my skull into a penis in effigy thanks to my mother, Heike spoke of this as did her mother.

Heike knew far too much about me and was being coached by others towards that end being a German national who did not arrive in the US until after 1988.

Heike somehow knew of the female Amherst Police officer who I watched back her marked APD Crown Victoria into the side of my 1987 S10 Pickup truck outside our duplex at 182 Berehavan Drive in Amherst NY. Heike came home later that day with her Red Mazda Protege and duplicated the behavior as though she had made the damage.

The marriage was compelled.

The violence.

From Wiki:

Diriment impediments include:


Insanity precluding ability to consent -- Works for me.

Not intending, when marrying, to remain faithful to the spouse (simulation of consent) -- Works for me.

One partner had been deceived by the other in order to obtain consent, and if the partner had been aware of the truth, would not have consented to marry -- Works for me.

Abduction of a person, with the intent to compel them to marry (known as raptus), constitutes an impediment as long as they remain in the kidnapper's power.

Failure to adhere to requirements of canon law for marriages, such as clandestinity -- Works for me. The witnesses conspired earlier to attack me violently, they are conflicted. Doug and Roxanne Golde.

Killed the spouse of one of them in order to be free to marry. -- Works for me. Close enough.

The spouse committed adultery. -- Works for me.

The couple were under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the marriage. -- Works for me.

The union was not consummated.

We did not marry in the church and I am not Catholic and it seems people don't believe in divorce until they need it since they all but got decapitated. This is the problem with people of "Faith".

I have a very very sound set of reasons for contesting this "Divorce".... and the marriage as a whole.

My wife used to admit she wanted to rape our dog, Wotan the Norwegian Elkhound, and her mother Vera said she was having dirty thoughts about the dog...

Heike would jump out of bed after having sex with me and sleep with Sammy our miniature Schnauzer, you all know where this is going????

The violence before, during, and after end it for you, her, and the State.

You should have a problem with the fact all of it generally was suggested as being acts of "God". And/or a natural process. Right. More dishonesty.