How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Additional Hate Mongers -- Participated in the child harms, acts of arson and terror, homicide, and other atrocities in Wilson NY USA and other places.

Pendleton NY USA Judge Lee F Klein Pendleton NY USA Judge Lee F Klein's Wife Betty R Klein

Judge Lee F. Klein and his wife Betty R. Klein passed away in early 2017. Judge Lee Klein is the magistrate who performed the bogus wedding for Heike and I October 28, 1995 at Samuel's Grande Manor 8750 Main Street, Williamsville, NY 14221 USA +1 716.634.8425.

Judge Klein and others admitted to me this can't move forward. So why did I pay for this?

There goes his case law as well as that of Pendleton NY.

From http://obituaries.lockp....ein-1924-2017-875041272

Betty Klein Feb 6, 1924 - Feb 11, 2017 - Betty's Story:

Betty R. Klein, wife of Judge Lee F. Klein, passed away on February 11, 2017 at the age of 93. She was born in North Tonawanda on February 6, 1924.

Betty was her husband's court clerk for 18 years, retiring in December 2000. She was a member of St. Paul's United Church of Christ, Shawnee, lifetime member of the Starpoint PTA, Pendleton Historical Society and the New York State Magistrates and Court Clerks Association.

Besides her husband, she is survived by a so,n L. Cort (Trina) Klein; and a daughter, Kris (Douglas) McLean; brother, Karl (Gloria) Hildebrandt; sister, Janet (late Robert) Duckworth; and brother-in-law Clyde (late Gretchen) Peters. She was predeceased by her sisters, Dorothy (late John) Rowland and Ruth (late Elmer) Lamb. Also surviving are three step-grandchildren; and one great-step-granddaughter; along with several nieces and nephews.

There will be no prior visitation. A graveside service will be held at the convenience of the family. Memorials to St. Paul's United Church of Christ, Shawnee or to Odd Fellows and Rebekah Health Care Center, would be appreciated by the family.

Online Condolences at

From http://obituaries.lockp....ein-1921-2017-885693712

Lee F. Klein Aug 22, 1921 - Mar 3, 2017 - Lee's Story:

Lee F. Klein passed away on March 3, 2017 at age 95. He was born in Pendleton on August 22, 1921.

Lee was the Pendleton Town Justice from 1982 until his retirement in 2006, a position he was honored to hold.

Lee was a WWII veteran serving in the South Pacific from 1942 to 1946. He was employed at GM Harrison Radiator as an engineer for 25 years, retiring in 1984. He was a member of the New York State Magistrates Association, Judges and Police, Pendleton Historical Society and St. Paul's United Church of Christ-Shawnee.

Lee was predeceased by his wife of 72 years, Betty, who passed away on February 11, 2017.

He is survived by a son, L. Cort (Trina) Klein; a daughter, Kris (Douglas) McLean; and brother-in-law, Clyde (late Gretchen) Peters. He was predeceased by a brother, Dean (late Artha) Klein. Also surviving are three step-grandchildren; one great-step-granddaughter; along with several nieces and nephews.

There will be no prior visitation. Graveside services will be held at the convenience of the family.

Memorials may be made to St. Paul's United Church of Christ - Shawnee or Odd Fellows and Rebekah Health Care Center.

Online condolences at -- END QUOTED TEXT

Have a bottle. Try the Klein Bottle. Looks like more National Lampoon fun.

Klein Bottle Decanter Wilson NY USA Judge William Ganshaw


Ganshaw, William E. (Bill) of Yarmouthport Formerly of Wilson, NY died on Friday, January 13, 2012 at the age of 96.

He was the beloved husband of the late Marjory F. (Lawler) Ganshaw and father of the late Terry F. Ganshaw. He is preceded in death by his seven brothers and four sisters.

He is survived by his son David W. Ganshaw and his wife Peggy of Yarmouthport, daughter Mary Ellen Ganshaw of Niarara Falls and daughter in-law Wini Ganshaw. Grandfather of Linda Inkley, Kit Ganshaw, Gretchen (Tim) Sheehan Dieter (Mary Sue) Ganshaw, Heidi Ganshaw and Gretchen Rose Ganshaw. Great Grandfather of Preston, Lexa and Taylor Inkley, Tom Sheehan V, Katarina and Josephine Ganshaw.

Mr. Ganshaw was born and raised in Wilson, NY the son of the late Rose (Koeppen) and Herman Ganshaw. He graduated from Wilson Central School. He worked for Harrison Radiator, Lockport, NY for 25 years and Nationwide Mutual Ins. Co. for 25 years and he was Town Magistrate, Wilson, NY during 12 of those years.

Mr. Ganshaw enjoyed all sports including golf, hunting, fishing and bowling. He was a communicant of Our Lady of the Rosary Church, Long time member of the Lions Club, Chairman of the March of Dimes, active leader in the Girl Scouts, member of the B.P.O. Elks and a 60 year member of the Wilson Volunteer Fire Company serving as Treasurer for 40 years. He was instrumental in the 1940s in brining ambulance service to Wilson.

A Memorial Service will be held on Monday, July 23, 2012 at 11:00 AM at St. Brendans on the lake Church, Wilson, NY. Interment will follow in Greenwood Cemetery.

Donations in his memory may be made to Wilson Volunteer Fire Company NO. 1, 250 Young Street, Wilson, New York 14172.


Date of Birth September 03, 1915

Retired Social Security Number (SSN) 078-03-8612

Morris, O'Connor & Blute
58 Long Pond Drive
Yarmouth, Massachusetts 02664
Phone: (508) 398-2121

William Ganshaw now deceased and others in the Town of Wilson NY conspired in this effort to resolve these problems by fiat and prejudice which of course is not possible. Ganshaw was the town justice, a fireman, a General Motors employee working with my father, and our Nationwide Insurance agent. His conflicts of interest are obvious as are the ongoing faustian bargains being made among the participants. The murder/burial plot thickens.

These parties acted with and can be detected as such as having cognizance of their guilt by their actions and knew I was rendered stateless from these attacks. The pathos says that.

From Ganshaw's obituary with their typo -- "He was instrumental in the 1940s in brining ambulance service to Wilson."

And thanks to Dr. Srihari at SUNY Buffalo, CEDAR, and CEDARTECH, Inc. and his flunky Dr. Yong-Chul Shin, possibly another Masonic reference:

"All you need is G".

Why do you need the Ambulance in Wilson NY? So you can commit your hate crimes and perversions with a knife in it?

Ganshaw should have been dead or in prison well before he made it to 50.

96? That is a crime. And I needed to die when I was 20 or 42 to protect those like him?

How many other children has he harmed?

Bernard Rothman Esq Of NY NY USA

Bernard Rothman (UB Law) and Daughter Eve Rothman - I dated his daughter Eve who later admitted to me she was paid for harming me, she assaulted me once, and that as per her "They are going to harm you badly". It seems she was right about that.

Bernard's old website now gone:

A toxic cab driver named Bernie X and the dead guy at the party form the foundation of my relationship with Eve, in other words why they used her to harm me:

Bernard and his daughters Eve and Marion (Boo) lived at 185 East 85th Street New York, NY 10028 in Apartment 2K.

Duncan Ross Arrowhead Spring Vineyards Lockport NY 14094 USA

Odd how nobody talks to me from back home for some reason so I finally decided to speak badly about them, they want to sell you something there. And they act guilty and evasive.

Take this person:

They were first to shut me out for no reason, I remained silent for a long time waiting for someone to say something to me, they refused. I have tried to contact them repeatedly and we were friends and went to HS together.

Duncan Ross and others claimed to be my friend. They are not.

They knew what was done to me and lied to me about it.

Same with local apple orchards who used to fresh press apple juice and cider there. All now made from concentrate from China.

I'd not eat any produce from there or swim in the lakes even barring the fact that local homes lack sewer lines and that waste just dumps out there untreated.

And this is why, they just bury the mess deeper and the brown fields are all over Western NY State and the USA.

What they don't tell you is that they can't sell you the apples since the water is not fit to drink. They need to filter and water the hard way.

A virulent carcinogen and one of the most toxic substances man has made.

Strikes me as a BCN component, they claim other uses but who knows...

A local maker of nerve gas Phosgene:

World Health Organization seems to normalize and downplay the severity of this and suggest this compound is naturally occurring, it is not. This following quote from them is hugely misleading:

"Due to the omnipresence of dioxins, all people have background exposure, which is not expected to affect human health. However, due to the highly toxic potential of this class of compounds, efforts need to be undertaken to reduce current background exposure."

Dioxins are all man made and none of them existed until someone decided to synthesize them.

Exposure levels are discussed as being significant when measured in Parts Per Trillion. PPT, as opposed to PPB (Parts Per Billion) for other less toxic wastes.

This looks to be a part of the larger frauds that go on there with his want to run this vineyard and purchasing that property is part of that plan for Duncan.

This is being done to give you the impression that it is safe to live and work and eat the produce in Western NY and it is not. I don't see that Duncan would have the wherewithal to be able to compete and purchase this land since there would be much other interest in it. It is likely he was offered prejudice and favoritism in this along with the quid pro quo that says he has to maintain it as a vineyard and do as he does. Sell you crap wine and market Western NY as a commodity.

Jon Louis Wilson, the attorney I retained during my divorce, spoke to the fact I'd be harmed at Raytheon as of 2003, and the fact the wife would purchase a home where she did on St Johns in Buffalo NY. They knew in other words where they'd put these people and when.

This is another of those frauds.

Oh and the fact it was assumed I'd be speaking against them and this is another reason I've been violently harmed given as my father said, the best defense is a good offense.

You've been offended.

I'd avoid Western NY State as the plague for this reason and the host of others I've been talking about here and will continue to do so for as long as I live.

Murdering their mistakes and the want to silence critics that way says you can't live there since you can't complain when something is wrong and plenty is wrong.

I contacted Duncan and his winery a number of times when I was in WNY and in TN and attempted to purchase a number of cases of their Shiraz, they refused to return my emails or accept an order for some reason.

Duncan Ross worked for a company located on Grand Island NY called Moore Business Forms doing IT computer work in the early 1990's.

I talked to Duncan about what his position was like and how it was to work there and he recommended I submit a resume which I did, since I felt that CEDAR and SUNY Buffalo had no future. This was summer of 1993 or so.

I was invited to interview with their director of Software Engineering named Jim, and the day of my interview I spoke to Duncan briefly on the way in, and then I met with Jim for a few minutes who invited me to lunch making the comment this is personal.

We went to lunch at a restaurant on Grand Island and Jim seemed pensive and ill at ease. I was also since interviews can be a pain in the neck many times. Jim went on to say he did this for a reason since this is personal for him as well as myself. Saying I don't think I can hire you I think you are actually stateless. Moore does government printing.

To which I said I was not aware of this.

He also mentioned there are problems here and some of this is about you personally to which I repeated, I also was not aware of that.

Jim said this is what I was afraid of.

And he went on to indicate he felt I might be in danger. And I said ok you have my attention now.

I said there are some things here that do not make sense and he said ok, you need to be aware of that and what I am about to tell you and that part you need to keep to yourself.

Jim then said this is about local government and he went on to say how he and others at Moore are no longer comfortable brining people into Western NY to work for these reasons AND they likely will be leaving the area the concerns are that bad.

I thanked him for being candid with me and he was genuinely concerned and maybe could have said more but at least he said something.

Point again being was that Duncan Ross knew I had been harmed this way.

Owner Of Wilson Boat House Restaurant And Clark Rigging Floyd Red Clark Wilson Boat House Restaurant Tax Page 2014

Where the hate crime began in 1981. Wilson Boat House Restaurant in Wilson NY 14172 USA.

Owner and managers Floyd (Red) Clark, Jim Oliphant, and Jack Terry conspired:

The point again is that I caught Tom tampering with a drink behind the bar before I was served and assumed he was being honest with me when he said he is cleaning something with the other glass.

This was planned all along.

That and the owner and proprietor of the Wilson Boathouse Restaurant are involved along with others in Wilson and Niagara Counties and NY State.

The Police are involved in doing this as well as the child harms.

With that, I'd never trust these people with food or drink or do business with them ever:

The forecast calls for pain.

At the time Floyd "Red" Clark owned the Boat House Restaurant:


Death Record of Floyd D. Clark
Name Floyd D. Clark
Date of Birth February 28, 1928
Date of Death May 6, 2010
Age at Death 82

Retired Social Security Number (SSN) 071-20-4959

Richard A. Hand Empro Niagara Richard A. Hand Empro Niagara

Richard A. Hand Empro Niagara:

September 8, 2009 - 12:01 AM Cambria man pinned under car dies of injuries

CAMBRIA -- A 52-year-old man died Monday morning after being pinned beneath a car.

Rick Hand was working on the vehicle in the driveway of his Ridge Road home when it rolled off the ramps just after 11 a.m., Niagara County sheriff's deputies said. Deputies helped family members in freeing Hand from beneath the vehicle, and he was flown via Mercy Flight to Erie County Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead a short time later.

Investigators said that Hand suffered massive chest trauma when the car landed on top of him.

HAND - Richard A. Of Cambria, NY; husband of Willa Frye Hand; entered into rest suddenly Monday, September 7, 2009. Born in Wellsville, NY, December 3, 1956, age 52. Son of Audrey McNamara of Belfast, NY. He owned and operated Empro-Niagara Inc. Steel Fabricating company in Cambria, NY; father of Melissa Hand of Marietta, GA and Angela Hand of Lockport, NY; brother of Bob (Sandi) Hand of Olean, NY, Sandra Sadler of Belfast, NY, Kevin (Chris) Hand of Nunda, NY and Ken Hand of Cuba, NY; son-in-law of Dick and Theresa Frye of Sanborn, NY; brother-in-law of Wanda Gates of Buffalo, NY, Yvonne (David) Kajfasz of West Palm Beach, FL and Richard (Karen) Frye of Newfane, NY; also survived by several nieces and nephews. Friends may call at the RUTLAND-CORWIN FUNERAL HOME, INC., 2670 Main St., Newfane, NY, Thursday 2-4 and 7-9 PM. Private funeral services will be held at the convenience of the family. Memorials to Cambria Fire Company, Mercy Flight or Belmont Legion Post No. 0808, 29 Schuyler St., Belmont, NY 14813 would be appreciated by the family.

Please visit to send a condolence to the family. - See more at:


Death Record of Richard A. Hand
Name Richard A. Hand
Date of Birth December 3, 1956
Date of Death September 7, 2009
Age at Death 52

Retired Social Security Number (SSN) 123-48-4602

Thorne Kontos SUNY Buffalo Thorne Kontos SUNY Buffalo

Another person I met while attending SUNY Buffalo was Thorne (Kris) Kontos. He and I shared a VLSI design class together and we became friends during that time before he left to marry his first wife. They moved to Hayward CA for him to work at Intergraph.

Thorne is a former US Navy nuclear submarine serviceman on The USS Trepang. He actually saw active duty in the Persian Gulf conflict if I recall so he'd be considered a veteran. Their is an obvious connection since Roger Goode who assaulted and attempted to murder me at Raytheon/Diehl in Tucson/Ueberlingen 07/25/2005, is also former US Navy. Thorne also claims to have a brother in Texas in law enforcement, another problem for them. The Police are involved in protecting my pedophile parents and for their efforts to vivisect me in 1981 and render my left arm useless.

It is looking now like Thorne is involved in the violence and he would also be characterised as a shill. We fell out of touch when he moved to Hayward in 1993 and I began to work at SUNY Buffalo CEDAR. After Heike attempted to take my life in 2003 and Roger Goode followed on with another attempt at Raytheon/Diehl in 2005, I contacted Thorne again who was now at Sun Microsystems since I had a contract position at BAE Systems out there late 2006. I was teetering on the brink of being homeless and wanted to avoid that of course.

Thorne has since divorced and remarried, has a son now from his first wife and is married to Judy Prince, formerly married with last name Thomas with a son Josh and a daughter and other son, who's first names I don't recall. They had a home in Hayward CA at 1177 Roxanne Avenue.

Judy Kontos is a convicted felon, who by her own admission could have served life in prison but was injured there and was offered early release. She is a former methamphetamine dealer and truck driver and prostitute. She claims to know and was a dealer for/to Roger Clinton, former president Bill Clinton's brother.

Thorne and Judy offered to show me around a little in 11/2006 and asked me to sit their home for them over the Christmas Holidays since they planned to visit back east in MO where her family is. Before starting my BAE job I stayed with them for a few days to save some money on hotel costs. That gave me time to meet Judy and reacquaint with Thorne.

Behaviors were odd. It looked like one of Judy's friends was being pandered to me in that we could have some kind of relationship that moment and I was not really interested in that. I offered to help around the house and one task was to take out the trash. This would end up being a repeat on the vanity and events in 2005 where Roger Goode attempted to trip me on the job. Thorne basically rushed me out the front door to slip and nearly fall on the wet leaves he left sitting on the front step and stairs to the home. This was intentional.

I kept my wits about me and made the best of it and started the next few days at BAE. They reneged on their offer to have me house sit and I ended up homeless soon after that. Once it was obvious my injuries were not getting better I finally managed to get approved for disability payments so I could afford to live and eat. Early in 2009 I contacted them again to see how they are doing and they had moved from Hayward to Sullivan MO, at 3515 Pea Ridge Road. Thorne worked from home for Sun Microsystems still.

I was currently living above another shill who claimed to be a friend, also former US Navy, Kenneth Morris Banks III, in Cleveland OH.

I was realizing how deeply Ken was involved and decided I had better distance myself from them. Thorne was a logical choice to visit again and he was now out of work and needed help making ends meet. I offered to come over again and help them. I packed up what I could in a rented van and drove it back from Ohio to Sullivan.

Thorne continued in what could only be characterised as retaliation and other aggressive behaviors and this seemed to be his only reason to bring me there. Do this and to cause me harm.

Judy offered she had wished that Heike had succeeded in taking my life.

Thorne at one point called me spineless. I did not agree. Not sure why he said that. He also called me lazy when I had a class with him in 1990 and I did not agree there either. I worked 7 days a week almost 80 hours and took two classes. I barely had time to shower and shave.

Thorne made the mistake of commenting that my friends think I am paranoid. I get that all the time now. Their way of saying nothing bad has happened to you as they continue to cause this harm to compel their mental health shams. Thorne was not introduced to my friends and would not know who I know. They never met. He shut up immediately when he knew he said too much.

He seemed odd and quirky all the time, like in a panic. He had me help him with basement projects and once took a Japanese saw and thrust it into my face stopping about one inch from my nose. Not a good idea.

Finally it was obvious this was not going to work so I decided I'd pass on helping them. I rented a Penske truck to move away from there. In the process of picking the truck up, I had Thorne wait for me since I had to follow him back home as I did not know the roads. Instead he took off too fast hoping I'd have to speed to catch up with him. And the next part of this is a repeat of vanity where I had been attacked earlier in 1991 with a Monte Carlo SS. Thorne chose a spot on the road on the way back to suddenly slow down and all but stop at the bottom of the hill and just at that moment a woman came rushing past going the opposite way in a mini van. She crowded the center lane and hoped to force me off the road since the truck was now shifting its weight down the hill and around the corner. Had I hit the brakes to avoid Thorne I would have pitched the whole truck off the side of the road. This was designed this way and planned by Thorne and this other person in the van. This relates to the other murder attempts and the knife attacks and to Heike. They are related.

I'd have to say Judy and Thorne sell and use illegal narcotics and this is likely the continued root of their problems. I am not sure how Thorne would get clearance married to a felon and work for Qualcomm, ATT, AMD, or Sun.

I'd never hire him since he is a felon as well.