How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.


Let me ask this. What do you feel is the need and want for religions and their followers to assassinate the character of people who are victims of a crime or any crime?

Like what was ongoing and being done to me earlier?

I don't think I even said anything, nobody bothered to read, that indicated to anyone that this was a hate crime that was part of the Church's doing ...... why jump to that or ASSUME that? I had not said that yet....

Then I get accused of what was DONE TO ME. Hate. By speaking against it.

There are things to get upset about. One of these crimes against me is enough. There are many.

You need someone to tell you what hate is. It is what was done to me and the scars tell you that. The celebration on it and the mocking and design of the wounds.

Here, lets help you:

I define hate as anger designed to cover guilt and that is not born of an injustice done to the person and may be resulting from a prejudice.

Hate is not anger and anger is right stemming from wrong done to someone when it leads to results and justice and rule of law. Meaning civilized society. That you pretend to claim of the USA.

What was offered earlier is abuse and harassment and blame the victim that says you'd not accept this but I need to. Since you said so.

Right. A prejudice again, gender is next.

You support a cabal of felons and anarchy by that.

When it happens to you then what?

Lessons in being a gangster with a Crucifix. Your crimes may be repeated unto you by those who think and act like you do.

You are convicted by what you believe in.

Your hypocrisy will be used against you and not save you. Nor will your faith since you uttered your faith here. And denied it. And it has no worth.

What was done to me earlier is a huge fraud including people who say one thing, contradict it, then lie about both and who without meeting me once ever now more about me than I do. Nuts.

A complete stranger to all of this will see through that sham. And should. Why do it is the problem? It looks bad.

This is a classic debate to discuss about just this topic but for them since it is not about JUST that meme then it can not be discussed here.

Censorship and I was told to leave. Sorry. I am not going anywhere.

Hate to me is a dysfunction.

Anger is not folly and harming children or others should lead to anger since it leads to justice and justice is not revenge. You, some of you and you know who you are, got as lost as possible on this for some reason then did not know what to say so you lied.

Others support the violent harm to children and rape and hate by saying it is ok when done to me, they did do that. Then they said my witness is nothing, they did do that also, since I speak against it.

Odd. Criminal of them.

Solution overall is a Tu Quoque mess leading to normalizing all the crimes in the world since you can accuse the victim of something else. Result overall? Ignorance of all.

Police end up in same mess since they decided to be criminals and support their brothers in arms no matter who and what atrocity they did when they raped a child and said I will protect my partners who do so. You quit in other words.

Then they cite the want they are offended and have harm etc. Too bad, they never said that, I did not ask them to come here, and that does not allow them to support their abuse on mine. They did just that then got tongue tied. Good.

This is self evident and what was done to me here is transparent. Obvious.

This is a hate crime.

I am the victim again.