How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

How The Harvard Lampoon Harms Children.

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I had to comment again on the situation when FaceBook deleted all my content. This was done since I made the connection to the pattern of attacks made against me and the Harvard Lampoon or National Lampoon I used to read when I was in High School living with my parents. It seems they are censoring me to protect their quacks.

This was my suspicion all along, those concepts are being used here also. To cause harm and part of that plan involved psychological abuse and the vanities fed back into my personal life were being conveyed via the National Lampoon and by other methods. The temporal proximity of the information related to events in my day to day personal life told me something untoward was going on and this was directed at me. It told me I was being observed or manipulated and that others of course who I did not know are involved. Keep in mind I was a child.

Some of the content of the Harvard Lampoon was personalized to attack and harm me specifically pre-1979 and played upon my vanity specifically. For instance stories about a character in the stories having a 16 year masturbatory affair with the images of his best friend's mother, this would be Ellen Golde. It related to photographs we found of her nude in their attic at 520 Lake Street Wilson NY 14172, and the other dramas relating to time travel, and how one's genitals travel back in time to poke you in the present day. Combine this with the notion of the Klein Bottle and it all adds up as I said. Traveling forward and backward in time to sexually abuse victims of same and allow the State and media to take part. To me at the time it was clear the events are related and this was about me somehow but I was not able to understand why and how.

Other comments made about a catcher's mitt, and time travel as to how one's genitals come back in time to harm you in the future, etc. Made the vanity agenda plain.

The catcher's mitt problem stems from my father's attempt at a hit and run to run me over when I biked as a child and the comic depicted a family who was too poor to afford condoms, so they used their son's catcher's mitt for sex as a condom. This is about me and my family.

This was basically a way of re-molesting sexually and physically abusing the kids who have parents doing that and having those with High IQs and Mensa memberships taking shots at them since their parents never made it past 8th grade. Ellen was involved as are her sons Doug and Tom Golde and this is part of the State's involvement in the problem. In that information was being fed into and out from my life as a child related to the abuse that was ongoing and it was being written about indirectly in the National Lampoon magazine stories circa 1979. They got involved in sexually molesting a child, as did Niagara County Social Services and Doug and Ellen Golde. The Police who are friends of my father are also involved in the making of child porn with my sister and I as child stars/victims.

This was specifically mentioned while I worked at Srihari's company CEDARTECH and one of Rohini's (Srihari's wife) employees at Cymfony (Her Company) Paul Telesco said just that, as he put it, I have copies also .... He knew about this in 2002. Evelyn Kleinberg of CEDAR SUNY Buffalo also commented in passing about the content of the images using the term "Knitting".

The State did this and not just NY State. Since this tells you that other Universities and governments were involved all along to harm a child/protect his attackers. So it looks like we can also point the finger in Cambridge, MA. The contrived situations and other scripted behaviors, recall Dr. Victor Demjanenko of CEDAR and at Vocal, joked to me That is not in the script, are designed to be psychologically abusive, obstruction of justice, and witness suppression in that they play upon the harm caused the victim, me, and to reinvent memories of the abuse and replace them with the contrived situations. This speaks to malfeasance and the intent to deceive. Harming the Westhighland Terrier on the back porch gets you there.

So you have the FBI visiting my parents home post hate crimes in 1981, Harvard Lampoon and Niagara County molesting children along with their parents doing it. Then you get SUNY Buffalo and their medical, legal, and academic quacks on board to bring a Nazi whore over here to murder their abortion and miscarriage of justice and it just keeps getting better and better.... and Elliot Spitzer is ok with that since he likes to hang out with hookers and so does Bill Clinton.

The problem for me here is predestination and violence to end violence by ridding you of the victim. It tells me that you target some kids who will never make it in life and likely will be euthanized to protect their parents. This also served to trap me into the relationships with the people causing the harm. That theme is consistent throughout. This would be antithetical to the notion of law enforcement and child protective services or social services.

What gets these people is the exchange and operation upon the vanities of the attack in 1981, and the fact this attack was manufactured upon the rotation of other vanities to begin with. This speaks to the premeditation and the contrived nature of the events and their scripted interactions with me in my daily life.