How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Guns And Noses - Gambling With Your Kids.

Animated Rope Noose

New York State Police.... reminds me of my father and his Police friends. They loved to harass us short kids when we were smarter then they are. Odd how interrogations with NY State Troopers went in the 1960's for us lost boy toys.

Have a cigar and bet it all on 20/Black.

"The roulette cylinder was introduced in a primitive form, in the 17th century, by Blaise Pascal, a French physicist, philosopher, and inventor, in his quest to create a perpetual motion machine. The game of roulette as we know it today began being played a century later, circa 1760, in France."

Nice to know the names, they will never know mine, or that of whom they harmed.... I asked. I did not have one.

Another problem for my father Thomas Henry Jones and his NY State Police friend Joe Steblein come from the event where I as a child was forced to play a popular and iconic game with a gun.

Revolvers work best if you want to attempt to play at home with your children this way.

After all this is what you paid for, and what you support.

When I was a child we used Joe Steblein's service pistol which is a revolver.

I was asked to hold it to make sure I could handle the heft, and when I began waving it around pulling the trigger, my father thought better to ask if it was loaded.

Both my father and Steblein began to panic not being sure, since they assumed I'd need "Help" in putting the gun to my head or theirs and to pull the trigger. As I was instructed to do.

Thanks to a local (Wilson NY USA) Medical Doctor named Hohensee for some famous quotes later in life to that end.

So beyond the problem of running us kids over with cars as we biked, burning us in the face and otherwise with lit cigars, or raping us and taking photos, now we can do as Joe does at work, and play with guns.

So to solve the mystery and puzzle for you, it is of course called "Russian Roulette". I am in no hurry now, are you?

I was then asked if I wanted to play more, and then was instructed as to how to load the pistol with bullets.

I was not sure how many to put in there and would later become an expert in statistics like you and Joe are, but suffice it to say those skills came around later in life for me.

I am not as smart as you and they are.

After more joking about how many did I want in there, three or four? Six? Only one? Two?

We loaded the gun with some and then I got to spin the cylinder for fun.

The barrel of the gun was alternately put into my mouth, against my head, I was allowed to pull the trigger, and during this set of comical events, photos were taken to share with other perverts.

Equally comical is the fact that after murdering Joe's son Joe Jr as he rode his bike circa 1977, they now have some kind of memorial award for those who graduate from Niagara University and their Police Academy there in Niagara Falls NY USA.

What a joke.

There's your tuition.

Terry Allen Jones Mug Shot Terry Allen Jones Mug Shot

Here are PDF files with what looks to be information about the death of Steblein in 1981, and a 1976 FBI document that mentions Steblein related to mental health agendas.

Joseph E Steblein Death Record

1976 FBI_Law_Enforcement_Bulletin_RE_Joseph_Steblein.pdf

Joseph E. Steblein Jr is mentioned here in the December 1976 FBI publication on page 31 of that document as seen on page 438 of this PDF file. Related to mental health training in the right column near the lower boxed section of text as seen on that page. The death record is from the link below.

Sgt. Joseph E. Steblein Jr.

CAMBRIA - Sgt. Joseph E. Steblein Jr., 51, of 4117 North Ridge Road, co-director in charge of training at the Niagara County Law Enforcement Academy in Sanborn, died Saturday (July 11, 1981) in Mt. St. Mary's Hospital in Lewiston after a brief illness. A native of Lockport, he attended Lockport Senior High School and was graduated from the U.S. Army Air-Defense School in 1962. He served 22 years with the armed forces, attaining the rank of platoon sergeant E-7 with the Army National Guard. He was an exempt fireman with the Cambria Volunteer Fire Company for 21 years and had served for a time as fire. chief. Steblein served as coach for the Wilson hockey team in 1974 and was a member of the Law Enforcement Training Directors of New York State. He was appointed as a deputy sheriff with the Niagara County Sheriff's Department in 1970 and shortly after was promoted to corporal in the Communications Division. He was named training coordinator at the Law Enforcement Academy when the school was created eight years ago and was promoted to the' rank of sergeant during his service with the school. Sgt. Steblejn was predeceased by his sister, Ruth Woodcock. Surviving are his wife, Carol (Johnston) Steblein of Cambria; a daughter, Mrs. Harold (Debra) Ganshaw of Wilson; three sons, John and Karl Steblein of Lockport and Joel Steblein of Fort Bliss, Texas; three sisters, Mrs. Sam (Helene) Duwe of Barker and Mrs. William B. (Margaret) Smith, and Mrs. Floyd (Dorothy) Hetherly of Lockport. Funeral services will be held Monday at 2 p.m. at the Prudden and Kandt Funeral Home, 242 Genesee Street, Lockport. Burial will be in North Ridge Cemetery. Friends may call from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. today.

I was attacked by Niagara County NY Sheriff in the summer of 1981, it was a Saturday night likely late in June. So something around June 20 1981, or June 27 1981.

I was told that his son was killed riding a bike circa 1977, or late 1976 as we had just moved into the new home at 4483 East Lake Road Wilson New York 14172 USA.

Gambling Russian Roulette Style On The Paddlewheeler