How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

God Proof

1. Babies.

Right but God would not need DNA to make your kids right? Why use the player piano when he can just play the tune from scratch?

Why rely on random chance, mutations, and cosmic rays to influence your eggs? Babies and the fact we and ducks are here do not prove God. There is no proof of God and never will be.

2. Thunderstorms.

No rational adult lives in Florida. 300Mph winds? No thanks. I walk across my carpet in sneakers and touch the stove and I get lightening. I can make lightening so could Tesla.

3. Flowers.

Same problem. Since things exist that does not prove God. Bees exist and play in flowers and can attack and kill you.

That does not prove God or that you deserve to die in killer bee attacks.

4. The Bible.

Is full of facts that contradict other offers of fact and makes offers of things not possible. People living to be 500 years etc.


5. The global spread of Christianity.

Jesuits like to consider them as a virus and do this intentionally in order to grow their numbers. Nazism could do same thing but being a mafia would not prove it is sound by the fact it is getting bigger.

6. Jesus.

Jesus ruins the faith in total. Nobody pays for your crimes, you don't kill innocents to pay for you, and he decided to die in order to pay for you. Suicide and murder of innocent does not pay for you. Never will.

7. My personal friendship with God.

Get a pet?

That does not prove God either.