How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

The All American Shrine Of Hatred Of Yourselves.

Ken's Brass Zippo Trust No One

Since I was forced to leave the State(s) and move to other State(s) this says your denials of service are complete and you planned this prejudice all along. Stateless and Immune are the two conditions among others you caused of me and my person (straw man).

Your involve of the Police and Military in the child harms and other acts to harm me including child rapes and other child harms deepens your guilt.

Your shills/plants even admit this when I was in grade 11 at Wilson Central High School, Tim Farns said just that to me one day. Quoting him as he stood behind me in the hallway "These people are not your friends, there is something wrong here, and your parents and the teachers are involved, watch your back..."

Along with your acts to harm me with violent hate, slander my name using false flags and media hoaxes blaming me for that hate, the use of shills and other scripted behaviors including time travel (Premeditation of your attacks), vanity plays in media, television, popular culture including Hollywood and Motown, financial frauds, personal frauds using stalking behaviors and stalkers/interlopers, you went so far as to use weather modification and other means to further suggest you are God. This was directed at me. My father said as much.

My father spoke to this as it went on, citing references to "Make mud not war" and "Operation Popeye".

This was done to harm other people in an effort to print another slanderous and libelous page in history that says I am cursed and that others are encouraged to get involved in your National Shrine of Hatred of Terry.

You acted upon the vanity of the harms made to me, encouraged others to harm me and played upon their ignorance, and invited vigilantes and religious zealots to do your bidding and dirty work.

This along with your faux chaos, synthetic miracles, and the rest say that you are doing just as I said. Raping your own children, declaring war on them, blaming them for it, and then mocking God, your nation, and your creator via it all.

You are not God, you are pedophiles.

Who decided this for me is my question and how far did you plan to take it? Murder says all the way.

You Americans are a nation of child raping assholes.