How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

God Is Impossible

What evidence do you have for a alternative cause, once you discard God ?

I don't need additional evidence or a replacement for God. Definition of God is not possible and with that can not exist.

You don't need one. And no need for a God.

God is invented around people's want to not understand things or to know what they witnessed long ago.

You have no evidence to support any religion let alone one of them.

Theists invented God around their lack of knowledge.

You can't prove your God made the earth. Or that any God did.

The replacement fraud is another part of this problem.

Your dogma is not proven even in your life time.

Or outside your witness.

Theistic belief can be proven wrong based on scripture.

Vatican admits Bible is wrong... Seems like a dead issue.

For theists wanting proof? Use theirs.... That defeats you.

Their evidence is enough to prove religion wrong.

God is an object that is impossible to define and witness. It won't exist.

Dogma won't be proven ever either.

You act without knowledge based on someone else saying believe this. Your being here has nothing to do with God. And never will.

You can not aggregate all things into this one God. Not going to be any way to support that or make those choices.... Ever.

The size of the problem proves you won't ever be able to aggregate events or witness them to make your God defined.

God was defined around lack of knowledge.

You don't know the Universe was created from nothing or that an object outside all eternity and space (impossible) made it...

There is proof logically that you will never see a God and prove it.

Witness space is too large. False correlations will be all you ever have.

Logic proves that. You can't see it to make any claim. Object won't exist since it can not be defined.

Definition morphs based on new witness... won't happen.

No define == No object

God being defined is push pull and really would be defined based on witness.

You can not define your God or Dogma.

Witness space is infinite and most all lost to you.

The failure is God is defined around what you don't know and then faith is used to placate you...

Trap again is making a definition this way that really means I define God as what I can never prove.

A kind of cosmic bit bucket to place all your lost things into.

How does electric wall outlet work?

Don't know then place this in God bin. I see a trap for you. Touch any metal today?

God becomes an anti-thing.

God is defined by your doubts. I don't need to prove other things to disprove God.

They don't relate and you can not relate them...

The earth is large, does not prove God made it. I see no reason to pay you or others for your belief that he did.

The problem is solved.