How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

General Douglas MacArthur As My Father - 243 Washington St Wilson NY 14172 USA where my father killed the two boys with a lead pipe.

243 Washington St Wilson NY 14172 USA where my father killed 2 boys with a pipe

243 Washington St Wilson NY 14172 USA where my father killed the two boys with a pipe.

I am now recalling another incident involving my mother and father Ethel Marie Jones and Thomas Henry Jones Jr of Wilson NY in 1966 or 1967 where earlier in the day my mother and I were attacked by two teenage boys who fired at us with BB Guns hitting me in the face many times and hitting my mother also.

They were sitting on the front porch of their home and my mother then started to chase them around the house a number of times and then she blamed me for not being able to help her. I replied I am just a kid and I can't run that fast.

The two boys called her a fat ass and made fun of us since they could run faster.

We at that time lived at 233 Washington Street Wilson NY 14172:

The attacks happened 2 homes south of my parents home:

And I used to have to walk this way to school all the time and they always were sitting there to make fun of me when I passed.

We went home with my mother warning the boys she is going to tell her husband when he gets home. They thought it was funny.

My father got home later that afternoon and as promised my mother talked to him about it and he got angry and grabbed me and he scolded me for some reason since I did not help my mother. So with me in tow he took me over and we met the boys and my father essentially said:

Here is what you did to my son and you also hit my wife shooting that gun from your porch and the boys were not apologetic about it. And they went on to blame my father since he abuses both me and his wife as per them. My father went on to say that is between my son and I and that does not allow you to harm them.

And my father said since you can run so fast and are in such good shape I suggest you start now since I am going to take Terry home and when I come back I am going to kill you both.

My father took me back home and fetched a short piece of lead pipe with an elbow on it about 1.5 inch in diameter. And about 2 feet long and he left the house.

He came back a few minutes later and his face, hands and the pipe were covered in blood and my mother began screaming at him.

He told her to shut up and that these idiots won't bother you again and he made a phone call. And said I need someone to help me get rid of some trash, and he explained what and where and said to the other talker on the phone no, I killed them both.

Next day(s) I went to school and never saw them 2 boys again.

Later when my parents moved to their new home my father thought he'd start smoking a pipe.

He bought a corn cob pipe to start with and a better one for later after he seasoned them he said showing them to me. I said why are you starting this bad habit now, he replied it makes me look distinguished.

I am assuming these two boys were dumped in a corn field in Niagara County and turned under with this:

To date (08/2015) the Police have protected my parents and worked to euthanize me to suppress my witness just as this.

This is where you are all at, having someone else abuse me does not allow you to do as you did and still do, that being take advantage of me.

You are the two boys now.

This is another aspect as to why I'd not do business with or eat food grown in this State or with these people.

The same is true of local wineries run by people like Duncan Ross etc since these are dishonest people. Beyond dishonest.

The Undertaker. Likely something like this was used to bury the two boys my father murdered with the pipe.

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