How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Five Steps To Failure In America:

1) Make the decision that all that you do and whatever you do is completely up to you. Even and especially when it involves harm to others. As in you are too important to be accountable for your acts.

2) Make the mistake of justifying that on the vanity of the victims you harm and offer it as being punitive.

3) Be arrogant and rude to prove to all others that you are ok with doing all you do and that this proves you are in charge. All authority figures like you need to prove they are insecure and with that being rude and abusive makes you the boss.

4) When someone asks you to explain the events be sure to blame others including the victim(s), call it an act of God, an accident, justify it as being justice, then pretend it never happened. Not necessarily in that order, all of which will matter.

5) Change your name(s) repeatedly and hide in plain sight since everything is going perfectly well since you decided it is all ok. This is called keeping up appearances.

6) Involve others in your crimes so you can hope to blame them or use them to support you as being right. Safety in numbers don't you know?

7) Let the whole mess fester for decades and hope that it will all be forgotten as you dilute and pollute the vanity of the situation. Manipulate public opinion to play upon prejudice and base stereotypes used to blame the victim(s).

Signs Of Fascism In The USA