How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

First Prise Properties - Tim and John Prise Western NY Slum Lords.

John Prise Tim Prise

Wildwood Acres

5101 Tuscarora Road

Town of Niagara, NY 14304

First Prise Properties

63 Park Club Lane, Williamsville, NY 14221

716-839-5551, 716-578-2358, 716-839-5557 fax,

Must be they were not happy with their office slum and moved:

First Prise Properties

5355 Main St.

Williamsville, NY 14221

Apartments displayed on the site are likely not the unit you will be renting. Mine had broken windows, was filthy with animal urine in the carpet still when I moved in, the kitchen was filthy with food remnants all over, the parking lot was full of holes and had not been paved, I later discovered the wiring was defective and likely had been fire damaged. As in the insulation was charred, cracked, and brittle and the place needed to be rewired.

I was forced to wait a week or more in a hotel while they made the unit ready, it would later seem for no reason since upon move in the unit was filthy. I called them to complain and their maintenance person was flip, callous, condescending, and thought it funny. They sent someone over to basically lie to me to my face and claim they cleaned the apartment that obviously had not been. One wall in the living room was covered with a mirror but most of it was cracked and broken, like the fixtures in the rest of the unit, dating from the 1950's, covered in cigarette smoke and dust, broken, and not working or falling apart.

Later their maintenance people hit my car, intentionally, five times in the parking lot with their mower. I am not sure how someone can hit a car parked in a parking lot with a lawn mower but they managed to do so. Nothing gets fixed, don't trust the maintenance people, especially the one guy's son and from the repairs I witnessed and saw in the apartments, I could have done a better job as a kid than these people.

Interacting with the staff had them being rude, callous, disrespectful, and dishonest not to mention being personally abusive towards me. If you want to fix your own place, clean it, invest in new fixtures and wiring, do body work on your car each week after mowing is done, then this is your place. I'd avoid any First Prise Property and NOT just Wildwood Acres where I rented, looking at the puerile nonsense on their website should be some indication of how unprofessional these people are.

This is funny, a quote from their website -- "At First Prise Properties, we strive to give every renter a worry-free living experience. We are here to answer all of your questions. If at any time you are not happy, please let us know. We will work with you to solve any and all of the issues to make your time here more enjoyable."


Also from their website -- "Features: - Deck - Plenty of Parking"

Plenty of parking assuming you go over to Walmart and park there. There is NOT enough parking in these units.