How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Wilson NY USA First Baptist Church Child Sex Abuse

I was molested at this Baptist Church in Wilson, across the street was the Helpee Selfee Laundromat:

I was being sexually abused in the basement of this church and my mother knew it and spoke to the pastor as I was leaving. She was trembling and implored of the preacher "What are you doing to my son here???" and he replied he is doing this for her....

Then it just gets worse. He basically said what are you going to do, report me? You are a pedophile too.

I was maybe four or three years old.

"'Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable."

The pastor who did this to me had the good sense to quote this from Leviticus and implore of me "You aren't a man are you?" when I offered that doing this to me is not right. Biblical Shysters.

And since this was before I was going to Kindergarten where I was scolded for it, I did not have a name at this point yet since my parents refused to name me and amend my birth records as they had to do later.

I stood on the porch which had a ledge, this is a newer step unit to replace the old one.

Wilson NY First Baptist Church 265 Pettit St, Wilson, NY 14172
Phone:(716) 534-4841

This is the Lutheran Church who filed a law suit after violently harming me and claiming damage to their church from the 1981 hate and vivisection crime as published in the Lockport Union Sun and Journal summer of 1981. Front page news.

Saint Paul's Lutheran Church
220 Young St Wilson, NY 14172
(716) 751-9300

Again, all lies being told by these people.

Heike and I attended here and they conspired in the hate crimes and marital frauds and efforts to euthanize me informally and covertly.

Pendleton Center United Methodist Church
6864 Campbell Blvd. North Tonawanda, NY 14120
Phone: (716) 625-8306

"Pastor Jean Edmister has been on staff at Pendleton Center UMC since 1992. What started out as a part-time secretarial position, soon grew to be full-time in a variety of capacities, as the church was quickly growing. Then came a calling from God into pastoral ministry.

She was appointed as an associate Pastor to Pendleton Church in December of 2002.

Pastor Jean coordinates the Pastoral Care Ministries, the Prayer Ministries, and sets up seminars and retreats. Besides teaching Bible studies, and visiting shut ins, she is the pastor who most often preaches on Sunday mornings at our Niagara Falls location.

She and her husband Bill have three married daughters, two grandchildren, a cat, and a horse."


Elders including Jean Edmister of PCUMC were actually ANGRY I had learned the truth about that event in 2003.