How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Financial Complaints Body Note.

Body Of Financial Complaints To State(s).

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Body Of Financial Complaints To State(s).

I am writing to you today to reiterate my requests to have these accounts restored in my name only, along with my demands for restitution from the State and the felons who have attacked me.

While I will not know specific wrongdoing in your respective organizations, I can speak directly to the violent actions of others and their collusion in this set of violent and financially debilitating frauds and thefts to which you are party and you are being used to orchestrate.

I will only be able to cite general dates and times and not account numbers at this point given the nature of the harm to me, the length of time it has gone on, since 2003 and now I learn before 1981, and the fact that the attorneys conspired to cause me harm and I have been rendered homeless and destitute many times throughout this.

With that all of my paper documents were conveniently destroyed along with any and all tangible property.

Those with local influence, namely First Niagara Bank formerly Lockport Savings Bank and M and T, will know that all I say here is true. They have known for some time that I was the victim of some very violent crimes, and I did not. William Swann president of FNFG took his own life (suicide) 08/20/2003 the same day my former "Spouse" was served with divorce papers. This is NOT a coincidence.

The violent and perverse crimes to me all taking place in Niagara and Erie Counties were well known to others for some time and those in the State and banking communities acted to conceal them from me and others. This is part of that process and the collusion towards that AND the enabling of new crimes against me. Theft is one aspect of this.

I am including the demands for restitution made to the States and the USA along with summary details of the complaints given to law enforcement and the courts.

All statements made in this document and others are true, offers of conjecture and analysis where I make it generally are noted as such. For instance the fact that one of the primary lynch mob members Doug Golde Jr has had a disabled son foisted upon him via a botched Russian adoption. While I know for certain this is intentional I won't know if others acted to harm him by that OR if he did this to himself to become a martyr and play the victim as any femme fatale would want to do.

In any event, the vanity of that situation too deeply crosses and intersects mine, and the outcome smells just as it does, badly akin to rotting baby flesh.

As to the specifics of the financial dealings surrounding this faux divorce from a spouse I now learn I was never legally married to, Heike Helga Jones SSN 042-84-4676 DOB 01/01/1963, and I am now not divorced from, you in effect were "Served" bogus court documents ostensibly from a NY State Supreme Court Judge who was ill with cancer, incompetent, arrested for shoplifting, and later dead from a brain tumor. The lawyers enacted this fraud upon me via you and did so to protect the violent felons who attacked me. Heike Helga Jones is one of them. She did NOT act alone.

NYS Supreme Court Justice Vincent Doyle I met once with Jon Louis Wilson my attorney from Lockport NY and this was early on in the process late 2003. Doyle was frail, obviously ill, wore a baseball cap, and he and Jon spoke in private in the library of the meeting room on the second floor of the court in Niagara Falls NY. Doyle waved at me feebly as he left the meeting with Jon and I signed the DMV title over to Heike for the brown 2002 Buick Regal Abboud Edition NY Plate CBM-6043 at Jon's insistence.

Following that we only met once with Mr. Spencer Esq a clerk of the court and at that time Grace Marie Ange was present and I signed the paper indicating we are moving forward. At that meeting Heike and Ange presented a document to the court that she signed under oath that I reviewed with Jon and I told him this is perjury and he agreed. They withdrew their complaints and we agreed the matter would move forward. Following that we never saw Doyle at all. Ever.

During the meeting with Spencer Heike was in the hallway and asked of her attorney "Are we on?" and I did not hear the reply but it must have been yes, and then she stood there pretending to cry and sob, for my benefit. This was a charade and sympathy grab. It does not work now either. This woman made a fool of me and you and every law and institution there is, she tortured me for years, shot me in the head chemically, and then left me to die in our home vacationing for three weeks in Germany with mom and dad leaving me to fumble around in other death traps she invented there. She came back home, then stole the rest of my life from me, thanks to you and others she uses by proxy to commit legalized murder.

The matter sat until late April 2005 when they decided to award her basically all of my money for the violent harm she has caused me and they did so on my birthday, 04/22/2005. Doyle was in jail, charged with shoplifting an ink jet cartridge from a Buffalo area Target store. He dies in 2006 from an aggressive brain tumor we are told. I am betting they knew he had cancer when we met with Jon in 2003. Why use him at all? Seems like a vanity play to me and retaliation based on my condition at the time and before. As in toss my vanity onto him to make me look like the judge etc. This is a huge fraud as well as set of violent felonies, and now more than one hate crime. These people are hate mongers as well.

The docket or NYS Index Number for the case is #116513 filed with the court 08/2003.

The financial frauds are as follows, keep in mind Jon Louis Wilson Esq. was given COMPLETE financial disclosure and I had paper copies of all finances in three ring binders going back many years along with Quicken computer files etc:

The sale of the home at 6178 Campbell Blvd Lockport NY 14094 was made quickly to another SUNY Buffalo staff member for $125,000.00. Likely this was as designed and the violence compelled it at that time. I had just completed a number of major renovations to it including new windows, siding, drain pipe and dirt overfill to remove the open road side ditch out front, a complete kitchen renovation with new appliances, washer and dryer up out of the basement, new dishwasher, new flooring, new kitchen cabinets and countertops as well as interior trim and paint work. A new forced air furnace was installed two years before the sale. The berry was ripe for the picking as they say. My wallet was fresh and ready for harvest also, made out of my flesh.

At some point they made the equity in the home, $34,000.00 available to us. ALL my accounts were held from me. I was living on credit cards making cash advances to cover expenses for rent, food, clothing, and travel and court costs. I still had accounts held since the court made no offer to release them late in 2006. For a murder that nearly was that someone decided to call a divorce in 2003.

My portion of the home equity, $17,000.00 was paid without my consent by GRACE ANGE on two of my credit cards. Why does HER attorney decide where I spend my money and who allowed HER to sign my checks? This nullified my ability to seek protection under Federal Bankruptcy laws and have the matter easily into a higher court. This is felony theft number 1 of many more to come.

I made a number of payments on a home I was not living in and on the car(s) I was not driving and won't be owning now ever. This would be true of the entire marriage and time we owned the home together. This involved the whole home loan(s) with home equity loan from M and T Bank, her cars and my trucks as well along with a Red/Silver 1992 Honda CBR1000F motorcycle.

The auto values alone are worth more than the home; 1987 Chevrolet S10 4x4 Off Road Edition Grey, 1996 Mercury Sable Blue, 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Silver, 1999 Buick Regal GL Santa Fe Red, 1999 Chevrolet Silverado LT Extended Cab 4x4 Charcoal Grey Metallic, 2002 Buick Regal GL Abboud Edition Brown, 2002 GMC Sierra SLT Extended Cab 4x4 Fire Red.

I lost ALL other property via attrition and the intentional physical and financial harms to me including over $75,000.00 in engineering text books, likely the same amount in tools, computers and software, and other property including clothing etc.

I currently have some savings less than $15,000 USD, four shirts, a laptop computer that is three years old and been all over the USA and the rest of the world, a duffel bag, 5 pair of socks, three pair of underwear, one pair of sneakers that are 4 years old, and don't live anywhere. I have a US mailing address, that is all. Oh and don't forget one pair of Levis.

I have been forced to move as many as 8 times in 2 years due to the acts of violent people and slum lords who look to conspire with them to cause me intentional harm and to profit.

Much of this will be impossible to replace.

My privacy was invaded by this live in felon in lieu of spouse and femme fatale wannabe and it was an invasion of privacy as well as a want to destroy my property and the evidence of other ongoing crimes. The degree fraud at SUNY and the prior violence and other evidence were of course targets of interest for her, as well as news paper articles related to the 1981 attack, etc. She was looking for something.

The fiat divorce then did the following;

Examined an account that had $20,000 in cash in it, neglected the fact that it had been moved to an interest bearing account at ING Bank, and by that was counted twice as being $40,000.00, then divided in two and ALL was given to her. Amounts are approximate, interest and penalties included, the accretive damages make it much larger now, that was 2003 as you recall.

NY Law is clear, in the case of egregious harm, murder and injury causing death and permanent disability and disfigurement would count as egregious harm, the notion of equitable distribution does not apply. Barring that what would count as egregious harm? This is the most violent and harmful set of things you can do to a person, death obviates divorce, so what now? Foul language? A bad word? Only kidding. You see the point I am sure.

Why is she paid one CENT and not in Attica serving 20 years to life? I filed for cause and that being cruel and inhumane treatment, I did not file for another reason as many people do just to say something when they get bored with each other. Jon knew all this and it was discussed, acts compelling my death, betrayal, femme fatale, family is involved, NOTHING NOW for her NOTHING EVER. Etc.

Why are we here now?

Heike still works for NY State at SUNY Buffalo Libraries. The State is protecting her. The Police have attacked me to do just that also. I was also assaulted while working at Raytheon 07/25/2005 to protect her. Must be they know they have a problem to attack someone unprovoked and with no want to arrest me. Looks and smells rotten actually.

The rest of my accounts with you were stolen in the remaining frauds and that amounted to all retirement monies in a Fidelity 403B, Fidelity 401K, TIAA CREF accounts, Savings accounts with ING Direct, FNFG, M and T Bank, and the rest. For some reason this was then blessed as being punitive with no due process, why would I pay a former non spouse a bill that NY State won't collect on? In that they penalized me $6391 in taxes paid to her on the monies they stole legally from me and paid to her. This again was offered as being punitive justice but I have no claims made against me and the State won't be paid by proxy via her. It is absurd to suggest that. In that they now admit there is no marriage and never was. She did this to cause harm. We are done.

There are tax ramifications as well. I now learn I am a stateless person. ALL tax years are suspect. I did work for the IRS and USPS and DOD. They knew about this and knew I was the victim of an ongoing violent set of crimes, they said nothing.

I can not file for ANY tax year now and never could have. Nor would any taxes be paid. All need to be returned to me.

NYS processed and collected on a lien for TY 2003 and took almost $3,000.00 from my TD Ameritrade account early 2011. They were forced to return it since they were not owed the money and could not collect it to begin with AND they told me in 2008 they are not collecting it. Then they wanted to wait to charge more in penalties. Now we learn I can not file for that TY at all just from the divorce debacle. And now it looks like I never will be able to file for TY 2003 and won't be able to from this point forward or for the past. Again, all are out. This is felony theft again.

This lien and other fiat and bogus entries remained on my credit histories with Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian for over ten years now. I was harmed physically, denied housing, employment, paid more and got less, etc due to just that fiat collection of paper and slander of my good name. There are opportunity costs.

The lien was removed late in 2013, again why so late? You were done in 2011 and really in 2003. This was designed to be retaliation and looks to be a set of personal attacks, malice, and harassment etc done via the State to a person. Akin to character assassination that did go on and was done to me, via others and the State, that you would do to a political person in a third world nation. I am a victim of violent and hate crimes, why all the drama and punish the victim? I was a friend of the law, the State, and the court, why all this now?

This is absurd that you'd put a victim of violence and a disabled person through all this, keep in mind my attackers, for instance my father, collected a pension and full pension from General Motors along with SSD as of 1988, and never left his home once to collect those benefits and really he conspired to murder his own son, me, and he should be in Attica also serving 20 years to life for this. Why cater to him and her? He never worked as hard as I did or invested in his education OR mine and I worked at times 100 hours per week, and always 7 days a week. Did he ever? No. Only 40 hours and no more ever. He invested in my failure and conspired to cut me like that and with the wife.

He did not lift one finger to make a call or type a letter or file a complaint, ever. He just sat and it all was brought to him on a silver platter. And he did not lose his home, or one item of property, not one screwdriver, or hammer, or piece of furniture, ever. Why do this? He still sits there in his home at 4483 East Lake Rd Wilson NY 14172 and makes fun of me and laughs at you for being the fools you are. Literally. That is 100% true. Read how he discussed this with his Uncle Arthur Baker in 1970 in my witness and how he borrowed money from him with the promise the home would be left to me. He lied to him. He lies to you, and so does she.

The Police agree with me on all this. What are we waiting for? And why for them and the courts, take advantage of the harm caused the victim and use that to deny him justice? It all ends up the same way, you sponsor violence and theft and harm of children but claim to Serve and Protect the Law. By being criminals and protecting criminals and sending the kids the bill? This is what you and they have done. This is organized crime. Not a nation, or set of laws and police and institutions as marriage and banking and media and clergy and education and medicine are meant to be, you are a cabal and a mafia. I have proof of that as well as my witness which you don't need, arriving in a coma with a knife in my back is enough as was done in 1981. Do you steal money from children too or just steal their candy?

There are too many mistakes here, they have to be intentional. I know they are and the witness to the violent harm is accurate also and the participants never belonged in my life. Having their ducks in a row indicates premeditation and malicious intent and since it is my vanity it was directed at me, and of course is. I was attacked. You have one more of many bad outcomes from it.

I am leaving it at that for now and include below the witness already made to the courts and the law.