How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Faith VS State

I speak specifically to the flaws in the Christian "faith" and how those involved in that horror show abuse others and break the law. This ends up being a con game and mafia that the USA seems to be adopting as their State religion even though they claim Church and State are apart by law.

The USA is going in that direction, being a Christian Nation and that is just wrong. The Jesuits are a cabal of criminals. My witness proves that.

I speak specifically as to why and how what they do and believe does not work.

For other religions I won't know but I do know that your faith will not allow you to break the law.

Your faith should hold you to a higher and not lesser standard as a result of following it.

Christians seem to think this is a get out of jail free card and State in USA seems to agree. For some reason. You'd want to uphold the laws of your land assuming they are right and just and that of your God. You need to do both. And beyond that live with yourself for it.

This is what all Americans get wrong.

For the most part all of the harm to me a a child and adult was done by Jesuits.

Lutheran Church actually sued me for the violent harm made to me in 1981. Knowing it was their fault.

They NEVER divested themselves from the violence or the frauds. Neither does State. They remain on the wrong side of it stopping just short of admitting it is punitive.

I see them as a hate group since they are.

Interestingly enough the State in USA looks to self deprecate by inventing laws it knows are doomed and that would be done to support the faith based approach that would see them as being unjust. Use one to justify the other. That supports the Christian fraud and has people fall in line with the Church (State).

Weaken the State to support the faith and then abuse the faith to abuse the people and have the law move into their heads.

Same is done with medicine, education, and the rest.

Then they malign all others using stigma and ignorance approaches to rally behind an enemy that is their friend not knowing they are the real problem.
CNN and others are making hate speech with all this want to suggest or claim outright that Jesus belongs in the White House and he does not, and then validate that with asking if Muslims belong there?

Jesuit faith has flaws and problems and The State can't accept criminals and call their belief faith.

Law, Police, Military are doing race baiting and gender baiting and I see this go on all the time. Media is part of that.

By the specious questions they ask, they are really 1/2 inaccurate statement leading you to adopt their point of view by asking in effect.

By that you validate their lies or they hope so anyway.

State is exacerbating and fomenting or mongering all all this prejudice.

It is disgusting really.

And says that your leaders see you as fools.

Since they treat you this way and assume you are not able to see through this.

Real questions becomes can this person lead and uphold the rule of US law and NOT let their faith get in the way of that?

If no then out.