How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Faith Heels

Tragic how doctors were used to cause intentional harms to myself and others in order to have people pay for their sins, and then used 1/2 hearted medicine to prop up their version of Jesus to compel clergy frauds and abuse.

Guilt offerings with harms to my abusive parents and others and then lame efforts to pass credit for healings on to the Church.

I guess the point is that your acceptance of having an innocent person murdered so you can get away with something else makes you a felon and murderer.

The rest of the taxation and other frauds involving money and more and the advocacy of lawless behavior should be enough to tell you this faith is no more than a bunch of criminals. Who should be prosecuted and the Church disestablished in total.

You offered that Jesus suffered for me. He does not, and this is not used to turn a victim of crime into not a victim of crime. You use Jesus to deinvent harm to people you or others harm. This is not possible. Children are being harmed all over the world and they don't suffer for me either, how could they? And that does not remove or validate crime done to me. How could it?

You offered that Jesus paid for me. Since someone harmed me violently and sexually and otherwise, including the Church, this is a specious rotation since there is no payment I'd be making that Jesus would make for me. Which he can't do anyway. Since it is free for me as I don't pay this way, then there is no payment by proxy since none is due. That would be impossible anyway.

Again two wrongs don't make one right.

You decided to believe a bunch of things just since you walked in the door someplace, and they said here believe this, and you agreed to do so. Then you make a mess of other's lives by using this abortion of logic to apply to your or someone else's abortions of justice.

Really none of what Christians say is helpful, accurate, or does anything to allow me to have a relation with the Church or others who attacked me, how could it since there is no penance or confession, so since nothing is wrong nothing gets fixed.... In effect.

At the end of this you have another of the oldest tricks in the book, a classic treasure hunt and someone's map to find more promises you will never see kept.