How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Extra-Judicial Murder Note.

Terry Allen Jones And Chicken Firing Squad Pulp Fiction Cover Pulp Fiction Cover

A photo of me as a boy with this chicken, done in order to prove the other vanity of crimes done to me as a child. Other photos relating this vanity that the photographer had in mind knowing what was done to me as of then.

Some hallmarks and observations about the ongoing extrajudicial crimes against me:

For the attempted murder and the fact the State wanted to endorse it as having merit, same is true of the wedding and divorce:

There was no plan B or C. Meaning we did not plan for the aftermath of the wedding by having plans for a divorce since the wedding and marriage are null and void. Likewise they would now claim they just wanted me dead, not to serve prison time, just dead. There was no plan to make that happen when they missed with the guillotine first time around and no plan to put me in chains for life. They did not miss they just did not finish the job. You don't want me in your prisons since I will burn them down from within and the State knew that and so did my father. I was supposed to die to resolve all of this.

Send faux martyrs including women and children who are there to operate upon the vanities of the attacks in order to invent them as victims and often they'd suggest at my hand. This tells me that you are fabricating all of this and it really ends you back in the same place. Offering merit which is motive for the attacks and also admissions of your guilt and complicity in them. If you can play on the vanities of the crimes that said you knew about them and are actively covering them up and stalking me by that. I don't buy it nor does anyone else. These are your crimes and they are some of the worst things you can do to a human being. I won't pay you for them. You can't punish me today for your sins of tomorrow.

Now the state relies on:

Denial of service attacks and financial tricks including tax levies with no due process.

Compelled harm and want to color that harm as being my defect, or stigma based assessments meaning I am intrinsically to blame and at fault and that none of this can be remedied. Another blame the victim approach that said they knew it would not be fixed all along.

Ongoing harassment, meddling, retaliation, and other approaches by law enforcement with no merit whatsoever. It will never lead to my arrest or prosecution so why entertain it? Why blame me for it as it is not my fault? This would not fix it anyway and they knew that also. This goes along with predictive brags on capability, observation, and strength in numbers approaches. Force does not equal truth or merit. It just demonstrates myopic fraternity.

The dwelling on minutia, retaliation on same, hyper scrutiny and over attentivity to one person and the notion of priority inversion and prejudice. In that these concerns are not sufficient to bother with. We care more about the women and children but only the female children now. We abused you and allowed the state and others to do so as a child since you are a man and it is ok. We only care about the little girls now and we did not like your family anyway. So you have to pay.

Offer others who know too much about me and offer hostility and other abuse, condemnation, and other things based on the fact a complete stranger would know my personality and how I should be acting and when. Again, not possible. This implies knowledge of me and the fact you likely came there to interact with me, stalking in other words. This comes along with feigned intimacy and other knowledge that allows strangers to exploit injuries that nobody has admitted is there or discussed with me. Somehow they know about them even though it was not discussed in their witness and they would have no need to know and are not privy to knowing it.

Oy Vey those Nazis.....

The quote at the bottom sums this up for me, not that I am an Indian, but I am likely not convenient:

"My interest in this pack of failures betrays my character"

This seems to be the man on the street's problem with me and what they did to me, friends, and family as well.