How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Evolution VS Jesus

Malik Germain - "So I guess teaching children that they come from random chance, and that "their ancestors is a cesspool of gue, and that they have no real purpose to life other than breed and die is the better alternative...right?"

Nobody is doing that either are they, you grossly mis-characterize reality that is offered for all those concerns.

Nobody is telling them that a magic wizard has beamed them over from a distant galaxy either. Or that they are made in a factory in a purely deterministic fashion, or that their purpose in life is to pay taxes and buy cars.

But then again I never said that, you hoped to claim I did. And by that make the situation worse. Not better.

God has nothing to do with Christianity and Christianity has nothing to do with God. Christianity is a fraud as are your suggestions here.

I discuss all of why Jan Brewer's state is messing that up.

You prefer to avoid that since it makes sense and you prefer not to.

You just prefer to foster more ignorance with your statements here.

Lets look at what you just said one more time.

Malik Germain -- "So I guess teaching children that they come from random chance, and that their ancestors is a cesspool of gue, and that they have no real purpose to life other than breed and die is the better alternative...right?"

Malik Germain -- "Great work our country has done with distancing itself from God...and people wonder why kids are so unruly nowadays."

So for this first aspect:

Malik Germain -- "So I guess teaching children that they come from random chance.."

What does Jesus teach you about where we come from? You also offer that life on this planet, as per Darwin, can not change since God had to create on original copy and then stamp them out all the same. And with that nothing varies from his perfect and initial prototype. History differs in that view and Darwin and others say why. Genetics and the want to support better features over less better ones makes animals and plants thrive or perish. This is proven.

You are stuck in a needless rut since someone placed you there, problem one. One does not preclude the other and one does not obviate the other. Accepting evolution does not close the door on God, just Christianity's flawed view of that as well as all other realities. This is part of why the faith as a whole does not work. Religion in general has a common set of traps but Jesus has those and its own that make it fail.

This would be akin to accepting and claiming that drilling holes into people's heads will let out the extra blood and demons contained in them making them upset. Ignorance. In that and your Jesus club you offer intolerance of others who don't share your cult or belief systems and that seems to include modern medicine and wisdom about nature.

From your page -

"Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on earth."

This is where you get. You live here on earth, I think you'd be well served to pay attention to what is ongoing around you and to take part. Instead of wandering around staring into the heavens to ignore it all and allow someone else to fix it all for you. This looks like a good way to control you politically and legally.

Jesus teaches children they are all sinners who deserve to die and that someone else pays for their sins/crimes since he bought their blood. That is not true either is it? Nobody pays for you and you don't deserve to die. Nobody suffers your injuries either.

Being a disciple and disciplined means you can avoid doing things that might harm you that YOU are not able to see. Since you can't see that eating germs is bad for you since you can't see that a germ is a germ since you can't accept that one variety of hummingbird lives longer than another.

Or that tossing your blood all over and leaving it around is a bad idea since you won't accept you can learn why not. They are related since this is science that the Bible and its authors 2000 years ago had NO knowledge of. You need to move on.

You are like the Amish in that since you can't see that progress is not purely bad since it may save your life given the fact they prefer to say using a road means you need to use a car and with that drive it head on into the next school bus since bad things happen. You make no sense. And life for you and the choices therein always gravitate for the extreme polar opposite or deepest ditch of getting it wrong.

This is a transparent attempt by ignorant men long ago to use Jesus as a shyster and to provide a set of logical bandages to fill the gaps in life to have people buy into it. So come and accept some insight and wisdom, take that with a truck load of hogwash, use these excuses and rotations of logic to compare your weakness with other's, justify them by that, have some fabricated deity go in your stead since he is a perfect template of perfection that is somehow used to pay for you. You could just as easily kill a child to pay for you with this model. But Jesus has an answer for that, another heuristic to apply for this one of many special cases in your flowchart of fraud.

This is a fraud. And by that illegal. Money changes hands.

Nobody said we came from random chance. But then again you'd need to read what I wrote about your Evolution Vs Creation debate. There is no debate. This is akin to saying that I can ONLY have coffee or milk with lunch. There will be no coffee in my milk and no God in my plan of evolution even IF Darwin gets some of this wrong. Keep in mind he did this in the late 1800's. But he made an effort to understand. Since he saw what is going on.

You are too closed minded and unwilling to see that the truth can involve both. YOU assume I am an Atheist and that Darwin or anyone else's offer of evolution, that is demonstrable for people to witness, precludes ANY and ALL notions of God. And that accepting evolution and insight and intellect means you'd deny any and all Gods. Not true.

Foolish and false. BUT this is one problem with Christians.

You like to keep getting things wrong. Doing so keeps the lies alive.



Malik Germain -- ".....and that their ancestors is a cesspool of gue, and that they have no real purpose to life other than breed and die is the better alternative...right?"

Wrong, nobody is telling you that and I never suggested it ever. People's ancestors are different then we are today largely just as we are different today than each other. Negros are different than the various versions of white people, Hispanics are different, Jewish people are different, Orientals are different. This came about for a reason. I doubt that God grabbed a handful of 7 weebles all looking a different color and tossed you onto the planet. You are an animal and are made up of smaller animals called cells and living things within you.

We (some of us who are willing to listen and understand) know better how things work.

Face the facts, you as a human changed over time and we know why that happened now. You prefer to ignore it and head into the weeds by making grossly inaccurate claims about what conventional wisdom is and how that contradicts Christianity.

You offer that people's purpose in life 1) Needs to be determined by the Church and 2) That the Church's offer of that is right. I'd say wrong on both accounts.

Some people are able to have a life without having a need to not be harmed in order to justify their existence on the planet by having your faith in Jesus. What people do is up to them as long as they don't harm others and break the law.

You are harming people with this.

Life just got simpler for you.

You again self support your faith by telling others they have to have it since they are worthless without it. And if they don't they will suffer harm.

You tell them they deserve to die.


Malik Germain -- "Great work our country has done with distancing itself from God...and people wonder why kids are so unruly nowadays."

Jesus is a large part of that problem and the want to have all the leaders of the USA be Jesuits and to compel their flawed ethic and faith unto you even though they don't practice what they preach.

Most of you make no sense, don't know how to lead, rule, make decisions, or to be stewards and act FOR the people. For you and them and your faith and law, it always seems to end up with me vs you. And they want to have someone else do the work, police have that issue, so does Jan Brewer. Let the Church tie them up with nonsense and I can do as I please.

Do you know history really?

"Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers." -- Voltaire

"Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities" -- Voltaire

"Did they teach you to believe, or did you learn to think?" -- Ralph Nader's Father.

"Religion is true to the common people, false for the wise, and useful to the powerful." -- The Roman Senator, Seneca

"If the gods listened to the prayers of men, all humankind would quickly perish since they constantly pray for many evils to befall one another." -- Epicurus

"Our character is what we do when we think no one is looking." -- Jackson Brown

"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power." -- Abraham Lincoln

"Men show their character in nothing more clearly than what they think laughable." -- Goethe

Why would someone want to fool you with God?

Kids are unruly since you all are fools, being a parent does not make you a father. Nobody takes time to be a parent and you hope Jesus will do that, he won't since he tells them they are all guilty of something and that they can do as they please since some innocent person paid for them.

Again you self justify with the want to have people do wrong and then need you to save them, a defense of futility that says "Oh well hell with it I might as well paint the town red".

Martin Luther is credited with saying the following: "Be a sinner and sin boldly, but believe and rejoice in Christ even more boldly, for he is victorious over sin, death, and the world."

Your problems come from many places and being fooled on this won't help. These people want to start a war or do other things to force you to accept this mess you call Jesus.

It is a waste of time and people who want to put chains on you use Jesus for just that. Police and Military are part of this new market of fun and fraud and mayhem you hope to support with your tax free tax exempt state sponsorships of legalized Jesuit US Armed Forces declares war on US children rape and tax donation murders.

Problems in USA I also addressed, your law is flawed since you rely on this abortion to fix it. Or not.

Your systems don't work and this is like hoping to fix your broken bridge by taking the wheels off your car and driving into the river.

You will muddle these two quagmires together for another 500 years and admit later you know all along that won't work either.

You need to remove fraud from your systems, don't allow felons to rule over you and judge you, and stop wasting time mumbling into the sky to remove the judge in your town who used a crooked cop to rape your son.

Simple enough?

You just like to make things more complex and something they are not.

That serves those who benefit from the status quo, or their current courtesy position wherever that may be.

Church or State, same thing.