How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Evolution VS Creation

Pope trips over evolution vs creation which of course really need not be mutually exclusive.

I've said this all along.

Published 24 November 1859

Died 19 April 1882

Where have you been?

This still does NOT validate the faith.

Which is obviously a flawed fraud.

Looks like they changed their mind but not really...

Which you don't want Christianity being any part of -

Why do this now?

Does this mean they no longer harm children and adults?

Their faith still is a fraud since they market it via their head huckster, Jesus.

He pays for you since it is free, your blood is worth nothing and you deserve to die, anyone who harms you gets out of jail free since they can blame someone else.

Perfect blame the victim fraud and support of any and all crimes against humanity....

Do they admit they are wrong for all those centuries?

They still offer a competition, with the Bible being more popular than Darwin's works.

Does that make them right?

Bible trounces Darwin, film at 11!

How does it compare to Pulp Fiction?

You people read all kinds of trash, and none of that validates any of it as being accurate or wise. Maybe turn on the TV some more?

Good thing they built a shrine of hate to their victims.

Atrocities done in the name of God (Jesus).

So, Pope and Vatican admit that one does not preclude the other after 2000++ years of foolishness, and then declares it as a race and popularity contest?

Which is it?

Agreed and same, or distinct and opposing?

Once again you have it both ways.

Why validate this fraud with the State's endorsement?

Pope calls for Holy War and more tit for tat payback: