How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

New York State's Former Attorney General And Governor -- Bad Poodle Eliot.

-- New York State's Attorney General And Governor Goes To The Dogs --

Some of how the prior leaders of New York State have decided to spend as much as or more than $5,000.00 per night hiring Russian prostitutes who put a dog leash on them and treat them as poodles running aroung on all fours. Why pay for this?

Eliot Spitzer Leash Fetish

"Spitzer has no interest in discussing alleged leash fetish"

I wonder why not? He already advocated such behaviours when interviewed for the documentary "Inside Job".

Must be nice to play both sides of the law eh?

Vanishing Point Wrong Side

Eliot Spitzer Wants To Stab Man In Penis!

Eliot Spitzer Wants To Stab Man In Penis

Eliot Spitzer goes Psychotic at a restaurant and threatens to stab a man in his penis. Seems he does same thing to his former lovers being from Russia or NYC. Odd really....

I think someone is lost again. More of New York State's "Musings"......

Vanishing Point Cisco California Dozers

A real bad habit these folks have. Look for clues using your maps....

Elliot Gould Long Goodbye Smoking In Store Vanishing Point Lost In Cisco California

Tell New York State's child raping and murdering pedophile cops to watch out for the wires. That's a corn field, not apples....

Dirty Mary Crazy Larry Watch Out For Wires