How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Why Ed Snowden Is A Sham and NSA Shill.

Ed Snowden And Soviet Wife At Moscow Opera

I don't find Snowden candid nor do I find his statements and claims and actions to be consistent with someone so intelligent as he'd claim to be and seeking asylum from the USA.

" My biggest gripe with most of these guys has been they are pretty bad actors. This guy however seems pretty good. Notice how he keeps talking about coming from a position of comfort and wealth and that it’s difficult for people to give that up to stand up and do what’s right. He claims...."

The Catch-22 connection and the rest seem like a bad joke as well. I see Snowden as a shill and fraud. Part of a power brag to have you elevate the NSA and the USA to some God like place...... I don't find him candid.

I said this long ago and still feel Snowden is a fake. Now I just looked and found these articles now. They seem to cite my concerns also. I agree with much of them. I am seeking asylum by the way so I've studied this for many years.....

Again he has no proof of harm, I do. His claims self support only on his want to offer treason against the USA which he is NOT obligated to commit.

He has no witness of wrongdoing, I do.

He has nothing to corroborate his claims, I do.

Seems odd really.....

"For someone who has eight-character password, it can literally take less than a second for a computer to go through the possibilities and pull that password out"

"Snowden's security tip: ‘Shift your thinking from passwords to passphrases"

Also bad advice since dictionary attacks are first, better not to use real words at all.

Beyond that a 8 character password assuming A-Z, a-z, 0-9 would mean you have 62 ** 8 combinations to try and that means you would need to use my username and bash on the login page pushing something like -


Or 218 Trillion attempts to login....

Never going to happen.... you can't bang on the login page that many times.

Each time you make a few failures there will be wait times as much as hours or a day etc. and making many failed attempts will lock the account in total.

This guy Snowden is full of crap.

Not only can NSA not prove anything about what I do online or at home, they can be charged for any or all of my computer use including that IN my trusted accounts....

Who will trust them.


If he doesn't know this then he doesn't know anything.

Snowden is wrong.

Best passwords are gibberish and not in any dictionary or lexicon, numbers not known or associated with you, etc..


No repeating strings, or digit sequences...

I'll find those also.

Usually once I have one clear text password, that algorithm applies to the whole password file, need not but usually does.

Then I can back all of them out and clear text them.

For Unix losing /etc/passwd means you are done...

So Snowden never says that and implies people can just guess a password and log in...

And his advice is wrong.

No words in dictionary.

Once I know the system's encoding algorithm I can then clear text the whole password file even if you chose 0XDEADBEEF a password...

Again Snowden's advice is wrong.

And misguided this (pass phrases) would make it EASIER to get your password not harder.

Dictionary attacks are first.

And win on most password failures.

Most of you choose poor passwords.

NOW .... this is a replacement con game, you don't believe in security in the USA since your Police are felons and child rapists.

Different problem, red herrings....

None of that will matter since Snowden is a criminal and he puts the relations between the USA and other nations at risk.

Most Americans have no idea what their nation is about or what side their bread is buttered on.

Two or more problems really.

This is just a FUD fest.

This just says how stupid Americans are and how easy it is to make fools of them....

Like all the firemen and police who run me over as a child to burn down someone else's home.....