How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Do I Need God

This gets to the real problem, do I need God? The answer is no, and they say yes since they want to sell you THEIRS.

Invent need. Marketing 101. Being Anti Muslim does not help you be Pro Jesus. Nor need it be. I cry foul now.

One being wrong does not validate the other as right.

It is a nice idea to ponder and understand God for you, but that is free, not compelled by State or anyone else, and it has no ritual or other constraints upon you. Nor should it. You'd be doing this to please man.

Jesuits offer their's is a jealous God. Too bad.

Laws are in place and you live in the State. Do so. And abide by the laws. Move forward. Understand hygiene and medicine as we know now, not 2000 years ago.

Your faith should make stronger your relation with State and add to the laws you abide by not add to the laws you agree to break.

And for these people the laws they seem to disagree with are brutally simple, murder, child rape, hate, arson, libel, theft etc.

Life is life and we need to accept that there need NOT be some Galactic Overlord who wants to chain us to some conformity and to make him feel good... Once a week after pay day..... by following someone else's idea of how to do that not that one needs to at all.

Then enlist a horde of other brainwashed fools to hope to compel all that.

Then invent the notion that you can witness for others using nonsense such as God is my witness, and then offer that your faith can be used to turn hearsay, lies, and rumor mongering into you being able to witness based on your belief, also not possible.

In other words discredit a person's witness with yours when you have none. Some may be able to add to the witness of a victim to say they agree and know more but overall you can not claim to remove someone's witness in total.

What you believe about people you don't know and never met matters not certainly when you claim God told you it.

Your God is a liar, thief, pedophile, hate monger, and the rest and you can't witness via him things you did not witness at all.

Since I don't accept some notion of Kosmic Konspiracy I see no need to be paranoid about 777 or 666... etc.

Messiah vs Savior has no merit since State has no obligation to claim to be Messianic.

State can rule and enact laws based on evidence and logic and witness.

Saviors don't save you in the here and now.

What happens post death is anyone's gamble.

You have no promise moving forward that what you do now is right and logic and wisdom says this faith is a fraud.

And it has malicious intent in it.

That is provable.

Offer of Virgin Birth, claims of other miracles that nobody witnessed, numerology and long lives of over 500 years, etc.

Offer of murder of innocent who pays by proxy for you to remove YOUR accountability for your actions.


Emotional and charismatic freak shows, plays upon your base emotions and instincts and fears, this is a classic screw.

Compare your pain to someone they always can produce as being worse off somehow.

Not that this would support needless harm to you or anyone else.

Why would it? Why offer it at all?

Doing any of this says there is something wrong.

Intent to deceive.

To me, Religions doing crime and atrocities and using faith to enact that and to compel it say you have a reason to reject it and a strong set of reasons to REMOVE it.

Having State involved in it makes it worse and not better and does nothing to validate the faith or make it non criminal.

And you as religions predate upon the disenfranchised and the weak and exploit those people who believe and who likely don't have the time and capacity to work this all out in an organized fashion to say this is wrong.

This is the idea and is again more bad faith and malice.

YOU are being harmed with this.

None of this will be free.

This then becomes about entrenched fraud and the want to have State participate in it since we have done this for 1,000 years etc.

Not good enough and law is law, State has to honor their obligations to offer service and enforce and by that NOT break the law.

They can't use Jesus as a shield. Nor should they claim to be God.

Waste of time.

You have the architecture of a working State in USA I'd say use it.

Leave God out of it.

So with recent laws, actions by States like Arizona and the want to teach Jesus in K-12 and the rest with clergy only doing marriages in Oklahoma, you are only encouraging those you really should be putting out of business.

You need to go the other way.

Remove religion from State 100%. This IS YOUR LAW. Use it.

This does NOT remove morality. Nor should it since for one laws can and do enforce that, and Godly people seem to have none anyway.

Morality that is not, since Jesus pays for them and they always have that get out of jail free card on it all. No onus to perform ... why have State allow that?

The rest of this then gets worse since now they have been sold on the notion that they can act as God gifted and blessed Con Men who rely on their deep resources of conviction and self righteousness and will and superhuman strength to tell you off, follow you someplace, and then impress their will and belief systems upon you. And pervert Police and NSA assets to do so.

All of this bully by staring you down and telling you off and finding fault with you and it really gets ugly. And I mean UGLY!

They show up and start to harass you, find fault, blame you for things that they later admit are free as long as you join their club, it really is tragic and pathetic.

Misguided and brainwashed zombies.

This is a HUGELY practical matter.

"Religion is true to the common people, false for the wise, and useful to the powerful." The Roman Senator, Seneca

You need to install THAT into your life and see how it goes on.

People say too much and then by that too little.

Sometimes saying nothing is better and more telling.

All their clever vanity ploys, rotations of blame and vanity, reversals of logic blame and onus to perform.




Snake Oil.

Sophistry and specious logic.