How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Deputy Duncel - Form Letter To Courts Regarding Nullification.

Jesus Ashtray Not My Face

Deputy Duncel - Form Letter To Courts. Indicating my refusal to be fined or prosecuted and affirming my immunity based on the State's nullification of their witness via their crimes.

You have participated in sponsoring child harm to my sister and I as children. This is documented.

This involved using my sister and I as stars in your child sex show and making of pornography involving us kids and animals and other adults including my parents, officers of the law, and local members of clergy and medical providers. There is proof of this also.

You sponsored and engineered other harms to my sister and I as children including but not limited to:

My father attempting a hit and run with his car in an effort to hit me while I biked in Lockport NY.

I was 6 years old.

My father intentionally led me to step onto a broken glass bottle as a child while I waded in one of NY's finger lakes.

My father involved me in his and your efforts at hate in Wilson NY when he used gasoline to burn down at least one home across from us at 233 Washington Street in Wilson NY.

Judge William Ganshaw conspired in that and served on the court for how long after 1981?

I was asked to help him fill more containers at another time for similar efforts.

You have participated in a hate crime in summer of 1981 where I was attacked and my left arm was vivisected with a knife.

This was done in your witness.

This was done to protect my violent pedophile parents.

This was a premeditated attack.

You involved medical providers and used firemen and Police and made that attack in the Wilson Fire Company's Ambulance.

You lied to me and others about the attack claiming it was an accident.

You went so far as to publish a fallacious article in the Lockport Union Sun Journal claiming another car is involved and the Lutheran Church was damaged.

Those facts are not true. That is libel and slander.

You and the Lutheran Church then filed a LAW SUIT against me circa 1983 citing harm to their Church. That is a lie.

You and your Police continued to stalk me as a teenager and young adult and cooperated and exploited my pedophile parents and their harm to me at home.

My parents cooperated in making that harm. You exacerbated it and compelled it.

This was done again via my wife, a stop on East Canal Road in Pendleton in 2002 with a NYS Trooper is a prime example of that.

Other efforts have been made via the Police in vehicular assaults and homicide attempts with them at the wheel.

Including efforts to hit/dump me while I rode motorcycles.

All my moving violations and non moving violations are a result of that fraud. You had no witness and have none now.

This is stalking, collusion, and efforts to suppress my witness.

You involved the courts in bogus offers of Jury Duty to do the same.

This was done via your installation of paid shills in lieu of friends into my life to make this harm.

That includes others such as Doug Golde, Tom Palisano, Larry Fried, Kenneth Morris Banks III, my parents, etc.

That also includes former lovers such as Eve Rothman and you went so far as to import a femme fatale from Germany to harm me.

The Lutheran connection is plain on that.

That went so far as to become a marital fraud with her as a State paid whore used to murder me.

Judge Lee Klein of Pendleton NY knew I was a Stateless person and that this should not move forward.

He married us despite that. The fraud took a new level from 1995.

You then sponsored her efforts to murder me in an extra judicial death penalty that you threatened in advance, negotiated away from and bartered for something else, then justified after the fact as being just.

You now use the Police as a mafia to protect the violent felons who harmed me and you made possible the theft of all my money and possessions.

You participated and engineered efforts to assassinate my character via your shills and other methods even when I was A CHILD!!!!

You collected taxes and entered into employment and degree frauds with SUNY Buffalo and others that took more monies from me for employment I could never have been hired for and took monies for service I would never be provided.

My four year BSEE degree from them is a fraud, taking me 13 years to obtain with those wounds.

You involved other States and nations in making that harm and that continues to this day.

Your Police continue to conspire in breaking the law to harm me and have nullified their witness.

Resolving this yesterday at this point would not suffice since you have caused a lifetime of harm. This is now permanent.

You make no effort still to resolve it by prosecution of my attackers.

To the contrary you offer insults, blame the victim, and more crimes against me the victim.

Your bad faith extends further to other efforts of sophistry and cleverness to make the mess seem my fault and more palatable for the public who knew better all along and who partook in making me a leper as a child.

You have allowed and enabled and compelled this set of crimes to go on from the 1960's, 1970's, 1980's, 1990's, 2000's, 2010's, to what will be 2015 and beyond.

You, the courts, and the Police et al have had knowledge all along.

You witnessed these crimes in your courts and via the Police and did nothing.

You have compensated your shills including Doug Golde, Eve Rothman and then Heike Jones with my monies and paid her for her efforts to take my life.

You have no witness and no authority and have nullified that witness and suborned/committed treason with your actions.

You have denied me service and medical care and used medicine to harm me even as a child.

To date you have served me ZERO justice as you must.

All your efforts to imply and pretend justice have been made to obstruct it.

You are not qualified or credentialed to make this decision and you are not sufficiently impartial to do so.

You have no witness.

I DO NOT recognize your authority.

YOU will pay for this.

I will NOT.

You will be prosecuting yourselves from this point forward.

Force does not compel or create truth.

Might is not right.

And you have already taken money and property you are not owed and caused the loss and destruction of more needlessly.

Your orgy is over.