How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Declaration Of Whirled Peas

Nothing like declaring peace on the children of your own nation you raped.

Who says it is up to you to do that now?

Why bother now? You will be compelled from above.

You just need your faith to prove to you and others you are above all else.

Nice trick proving that.

Too bad it won't work.

You Americans have a fascinating problem, goode luck with it.

Jesus won't save you neither will your silence.

I end up suffering the crimes done to me again vicariously through your children.

How could you not? Since you are ok with it.

You end up supporting the atrocities as you do then again with the want to blame the children you harmed and do so later as adults.

I stand against it you complain about those who witness against it.