How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Crack The Whip - My Father Accepts Money From A Man With A Hat For His Want To Bullwhip My Back.

Curious George Man With The Yellow Hat Indiana Jones Style Bullwhip

"Two questions come to mind: Just how curious is George; and what's with that creepy Man With the Yellow Hat?"

Another event where my father pandered me to adults who desired to harm me, other than say Dr. Castle DDS, was when I was about 5 years old.

A tall slender man wearing a large desert hat and dressed in khaki cargo pants met my father and I in the yard of our home at 233 Washington Street Wilson New York 14172 USA circa 1966. We met him outside in the north west corner of the yard adjacent to the garage. The man indicated he liked to harm children and could my father accept some money in order for him to whip me? They discussed where is the whip, my father wanted to see it, saying he had interest in this also and yes something could be arranged. The man went to his car and produced the tan colored whip as seen here and they agreed that I would remove my shirt and then he could take shots at me with the whip.

The man in the hat indicated to my father he liked to harm children especially boys to which my father asked if he got a sexual kick out of it? To which he said sometimes yes, my father said him too and that he could accommodate both of those and asked what he was in for this day. The man in the hat indicated just the violence for now.

It takes two.

To the north of us was the Wolters family and the father was a Ham radio operator. I saw his rig as well as the tall tower in his yard that told some of the story. Fully synthesized Kenwood rigs were REAL expensive back in the 1970's and being all digital it said this person knew what he was doing.

To the East of us was the Houghtaling family, same problem there. They also had a tower in the yard.

The inside skinny had Wolters tell me we are concerned about you says he, I talk to people around the world with this and usually I use my call sign which is on this card, sometimes I do other things and then don't use it.

You will figure it out.

No name and it is a ham.

At first I stood there as they asked and he began to strike me in the back with the whip, of course it hurt and caused harm to my back. I began then to move to avoid the harm, and as they wanted I began to run around as much as possible as the man continued to lash out at me with the bullwhip to which they both seemed pleased. This was being done in our yard behind the hedges that were around the perimeter. Eventually fearing someone would see and to avoid me being too hard to hit, I was restrained behind the garage with ropes and whipped more.

Clever dialog by Dr. Sargur Srihari and Rick Fenrich among others at SUNY Buffalo and CEDAR made mockery of this harm with their want to complain they needed to crack the whip, hard to hit a moving target as you, and this came along with the other insults that the US Postal Service made about the hate crimes and child torture that was done to me as a child and adult in Wilson NY USA.

Others including medical doctors have commented on the scars that I am not able to see but they were able to see, indicating something is wrong. Other than being hit with the propeller of an outboard motor as I was being drowned intentionally in Lake Ontario by my parents as a child.

There's Your Tuition!

So for US FBI, DOJ, et al you'd be looking for the man in the hat, just don't look too hard, as you'd only need to look into a mirror to find him.

Odd how Srihari is marketed as some kind of expert witness doing reasearch for FBI as supported financially by US FBI, making efforts to analyse handwriting when in fact this person is no better than any run of the mill child rapist. No skills at all, no ethic at all, no common sense at all, etc. Srihari overall technically is an idiot.

Then there is this bit of nonsense proving collusion between Srihari, SUNY Buffalo, US FBI, and others in their continued efforts to defraud the USA in support of treason, child rape, torture and murder of children, producting and distribution of child pornography, degree and medical frauds, etc.

A Dangerous Age Bad Company Album Cover

Sargur Srihari CEDAR FOX And FBI Document Scam More Public Monies Wasted To Support Murder And Pedophilia In USA

Bad Science Meets Bad Law Pedophilia Supported By US FBI and SUNY Buffalo With Sriharis And CEDAR

Srihari's efforts are no better than the comic carnival machines that we used as a child at the county and state fairs and any tool that has any merit is of no value when placed in the hands of he and his cabal of child rapists in US FBI etc.

Srihari at one point wanted my handwriting and I don't give information or assist criminals who attempt and succeed at doing such crimes as murder and grand larceny to me and others. I don't work for or with felons and child rapists.

So you have all you need and Srihari can use the Hollerith card I filled out back in the 1960's assuming you are not too shy to go there. Blinken lights is right....

"While some sights and sounds of the State Fair of Texas stay the same year after year, Jack Libby is on the verge of saying goodbye to the annual attraction after nearly 17 years of traveling from one fair to the next with his wife, Regina, and his father’s Jeltron Personality Computers. Libby has hung a “for sale” sign on his father’s traveling handwriting analysis booth."

At some point the show would need to be over for Srihari and SUNY and their cabal of child rapists and murder for hire dentists. This needs to go as well.

These people are criminals, vigilantes, with offers of motive for their crimes as excuses, in order to support them as being reprisal etc. Accept that along with their confessions, and enabling, as proven by their admissions, that this was up to them to do this, and to do so in this way. It was not.

I found the image for Srihari's machine at the State fair over here, I especially like the name of the image file itself so I thought it best to cite them here since it matters forensically overall, cheers losers!

Srihari has made the perfect death trap and murder + torture device, for you and he. Use it.

[1. Digital evidence is said to be forensically sound if it was collected, analyzed, handled and stored in a manner that is acceptable by the law, and there is reasonable evidence to prove so.]

So much for that theory, this IS hilarious! Goode Lucky proving that as well as your innocence.

This is what happens when you value loyalty over integrity. The only way you can grow and maintain your state organized cabal is by mutual incrimination and agreement to do crimes.

Hence you lost.

And for your hide in plain sight problems, being you are too blind to see, raping your own kids does that to you, the answers have been in front of you all along. And as they say in the crime biz, a photo is worth a million words.

Study the details of the image presented here to better and more fully understand how you've been had, and that the joke IS ON YOU !

I Love Listening To Lies When I Know The Truth

SUNY Buffalo, CEDAR, and Srihari are mentioned in this item related to the "Crime Of The Century" and the Lindbergh infant kidnapping case circa March 1, 1932, use mine:

Lindbergh Kidnapping Mystery Solved: New Evidence Reveals Sinister Mastermind and Hauptmann Accomplice -- Monday, May 21, 2012

Lindbergh Kidnapping Mystery Solved


“Based on the CEDAR-FOX software’s comparison of the writing samples of John Knoll to the writing on the ransom envelopes, the results indicated a 95% probability of same writership,” said optical handwriting recognition expert Dr. Sargur N. Srihari, the director of the University of Buffalo’s Center of Excellence for Document Analysis and Recognition (CEDAR). For the first time in history, scientific handwriting technology— the CEDAR-FOX system—was used to evaluate both new and original evidence in the Lindbergh case. The CEDAR-FOX software was recently found admissible in two evidentiary U.S. federal court cases and was developed with federal funding to establish objective and measurable techniques to evaluate the accuracy of handwriting testimony.

Srihari largely is not an expert in much of anything, and for the most part relies on foreign graduate and undergraduate students to write all his papers for him. He regularly was shamed in meetings for not even knowing the contents of them when quizzed by other CEDAR staff members.

His agenda largely is part of his want to be top posted, and otherwise name space toxic, in search engines in order to drive his attention seeking narcissism for the goal to promote himself and his SUNY frauds in total, for obstruction, murder for hire, treason, and for fame and profit. This person is no more than an Delusional Sociopathic Megalomaniacal Academic version of Dr. Josef Mengele who seeks to appear as some kind of rock star in your daily forensic lives.

Dennis Quaid DOA 1988 Clock Poster

D.O.A. (1988) R | 1h 36min | Mystery, Thriller | 18 March 1988 (USA)

[A college professor's day: his top student allegedly commits suicide, his wife presents him with divorce papers and he overnights in a freshman girl's dorm. The next day: more murders around him. Will he find the killer in time?]

His CEDAR-Fox system is poorly designed, badly coded and implemented, based on specious and faux science and logic, certainly when related to classifying features of documents and text, and then pretending to use the computer to hope to sort them in order to relate exemplars to real writers.

You don't have the real writer, and you have no chain of custody on any let alone all of the exemplars.

You will have a problem in this despite all of that but CEDAR's bad science and Srihari's patterns of fraud and violence and lack of character for him and his department, do nothing other than to muddy this case.

Consider what these people did to me, how Srihari acted to pollute, obfuscate, offer duress and extort via, and otherwise exploit and exacerbate the crimes in order to protect those who did them to me personally.

This led to marital fraud and murder, and predated me working there with degree frauds and murder apriori.

This Srihari person is a homicidal child rapist and treason monger and more.

These people murdered me on the job. And they conspired with those, including my parents, who had done so in the past.

Srihari wanted to rely on MY reputation and endorsements to promote this fraud moving forward, along with his dubious and nefarious relations with homicidal and perverse local law enforcement, to hope to compel that as we went.

The femme fatale Heike Helga Jones (Nee Guggenmos) was part of that plan, and Srihari and SUNY (Buffalo and CEDAR) acted to compel and perpetuate that set of crimes as well.

They wanted to "Buddy Me Up" if you will (in a surreptitious fashion), to criminal cops who raped me as a child and did multiple murders to me as a child and adult, as well as New York and SUNY et al who partook in same and more.

That does not work....

Train Drops Of Jupiter

As you are destroying all the evidence against you, burning all the books, you best get busier as you need to destroy all the movies, the music, and the tv programs, all done in bad taste as made for your self-deprecation and demises.

It's All About You!

Why stop there? Maybe just continue to murder all the witnesses to your crimes, those you involved as co-conspirators, your children lest they find you out, and then kill all your friends as you've done in the past? Seems logical and legal no?

Another question that remains is, why was it that later in life that I was forced to discuss with my father, what went on in my bedroom with my girlfriend Eve Rothman and later my wife Heike Guggenmos? It speaks to what things were shared and with who, etc. None of that should have happened either. Speaking of privacy.

CedarTech Presentation Sargur Srihari

More information about Srihari and CedarTech's bogus document analysis programs. Note the CEDAR letter, which is more gaslighting on my vanity, and the fact these people harmed, and murdered me on the job, as well as installed the marital fraud to Heike.


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