How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Clergy Tax Breaks

Richard Callwood --

It is not so easy. Clergy are offered tax refunds since they are supposed to be non-profit groups, so in effect they receive money for services or charity provided to people. But in reality they are getting money back from the State in the form of tax payments returned etc.

So this to me looks like a way for the State to "Wash its hands" of the fact they know this is a fraud on the part of the Church.

Taking money from the Church in the form of taxation would be illegal and conspire with felonies. Akin to taxing murder for hire, gambling, child trafficking, prostitution, you name any illegal acts. Taxing that is not legal for State. And State ceases to be a State when it becomes a Mafia... and doing that makes it a Mafia.

My point is the State wants to "Give the impression" of doing the right thing and keeping their hands clean on it.

So in effect they admit what I know to be true, this Church is a fraud, conspires with the homicide of innocents, with thefts as well as offering advocacy of lawless behavior and overthrow of the government.

Point for you is why would YOU give them any money since all they do is use that to harm you and your children, lie to you, and cause you and others harm with it?

You have no idea where that money goes.

Both Church and State are wrong and States like Arizona under Jan Brewer are going in the wrong direction by getting closer to Church and not further from it.

For Church it is still an incentive and donation by State since it ends up being a net gain where others suffer a financial debit for the tax(es).You do not have my permission to offer the Church prejudice this way and to offer them service for free and do that without taxing them. This is my money.

You serve them, tax me, and then deny me service, and allow them to do felonies to me personally.

The Church overall is a fraud, advocates lawless behaviors, removes the want for persons to account for their acts, takes money for this, teaches people specious and illegal belief systems, breaks the law and profits from it all.

State seems to admit guilt and knowledge of this with the want to cleanse their hands by not taxing the crimes and criminal body this is.