How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Character Assassination

´╗┐Character Assassins:

Reverse cause and effect.

Cause mental and physical harm.

Hide behind it and deny it.

Deny due process again.

Rely on situational paradigms and malpractice.

Make synoptic and broad based suggestions of fault.

Use lesser faults to offer that larger problems must be my fault.

Offer that well mannered violence with an air of authority implies they are merited and legal.

Deprive food, shelter, hygiene, clothing, sleep, health care, due process, etc.

Hyper scrutiny, over attentive to unimportant details, prejudice, allow others to get away with murder and blame victim for using profanity or other inappropriate priority inversions.

Make vague/overly complex/computer centric moral slurs and suggestions of fault, offer hostility on top of that and then steal money as a result and want to profit more from it.
I see this as a break and fix problem.

We install the notion that self gratification and relief, maintenance of your body is dirty and evil, and then we install the notion that Church will fix it.

Another fraud designed to exploit your weak parts (Sex) in order to get you to accept evil(s) that are or are not and then make you feel good about them.

With Church there to profit and control.

Sexual bondage meets physical bondage and threats of harm.