How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Burnt Offerings

Ahhhh ugh. so many idiots, so little time....

So here is what I see ongoing and it crosses both ways:

NSA (Police/State) hopes to fool you on their new form of newer bigger badder big brother and to install the cosmic all seeing parrot eye on your shoulder. It is not there....

Typical American business models are employed being they are largely a bunch of murdering felons, who use or have a technical presence and exploit that, the bad reputation of the State/Church, and they now invade and leak your privacy among others.

Contractual ploys akin to Arizona selling all their public offices to private concerns such that they can lease them back, save money, and then rely on accusing others of their information leaks contributes to this facade and sham. So in effect Arizona Motor Vehicle Office no longer owns your data.... they have no Straw Man.

Those "others" wear black hats and wander around acting like hobbyist spooks and spies in order to turn all other business actions involving you into some kind of creepy "I know all about you and want to be your mother" events.... gossip, hearsay, innuendo, rumor and hate mongering, etc....


Police are also involved most likely at local levels leaking your information and feeding this rumor mill and acting as public information disinformation gossip mongers...

You have a disease. And the disease is you (Police, State, America, etc).

You martyr yourselves on your excesses of behaviors and your inventions of miracles, you expect your victims to accept your burnt offerings and that we'd be humbled and ingratiated to you for them

The Gods Must Be Crazy.

You invent then silver linings into your atrocities with the want to have victims like me turn them into positive things for you that we could later also use as premeditation, proof of that, and intent with malice.

All of your apriori defenses of course you've built into the hedging of your bets.

Your bridges to nowhere for your murder victims are there in case they live.

In the process of this you in your Godplay also worked to elevate the participants, especially my abusive father, in such a way by feeding them information to invent them being at some deified level making them seem Godlike. As in we know all about you even your thoughts etc. King Of The Hill problem.