How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Buoys Life -- My Mother And Father Murder Me Via Drowning When I Was 3.

Drowned 3yr Old Syrian Boy September 2015

Graphics depicting the path my mother and father took with the Aluminum boat they used to drown me with in Lake Ontario circa 1964. Also included are the depth profile of the lake and the scale used to indicate depths as colored on the charts.

Bathymetry of Lake Ontario

The Aluminum outboard boat my mother and father used in this effort to murder me, was loaned to them by their friends, Nancy J and Donald R Farley, who live at 250 Washington Street in Wilson NY 14172 USA.

Lake Ontario Graphic Related To Murder By Drowning Terry Allen Jones Lake Ontario Graphic Related To Murder By Drowning Terry Allen Jones Lake Ontario Graphic Related To Murder By Drowning Terry Allen Jones

A haunting similarity for me. A reminiscent photo of a drowned Syrian boy from recent refugee horrors makes me think back to when my mother and father Ethel Marie Jones and Thomas Henry Jones Jr of Wilson NY tossed me from a moving boat on Lake Ontario when I was about this boy's age. The intent was to drown me and I washed ashore later (next day?) to be found by other residents who were able to revive me. I remember my father bragging how he was going to toss me in and I said no he was joking. And with that he said what are you going to do about it and hurled me off the moving boat laughing maniacally as he did so.

I went into the water and began to do my best to swim and stay afloat. The weight of the anti buoyancy device made it all but impossible to stay above water (One of Heike's favorite food expressions they used key words to repeat and move the vanity around) and my parents circled back and ran me over with the boat, I bounced off the bottom and barely avoided getting hit with the prop. They circled a few times jeering at me and then took off not wanting to get caught. Once they were out of sight I began to dog paddle to shore knowing it was a long ways away. I could see it but I was running out of breath and then thought to myself that looks a mile away and said I am not going to make it. That is as far as I got. I sank and inhaled water into my lungs.

I recall waking later to the sight of a strange man looking down on me, it was sunny now and seemed to be a different day with him pushing on my chest with water coming out as he screamed at someone else QUICK GET BLANKETS THIS KID IS ALIVE!!!!!

I was taken to a hospital and later my parents were summoned to come and visit me. I was allowed to go home another day later with them with the claim I had fallen overboard. I don't believe at this time I was yet given a name by my parents who had as yet refused to name me.

My father and James Kala confirmed this later with my father admitting he did this and that I had drowned.

I am just remembering it now.

This says a number of things, I'd not have assumed, and did not, for most of my life that I can safely assume now: These people will fool you, and such people are to be discounted in total. There is no point talking to them ever, and there is no truth to them, and never will be. You live among these people, and some like me will live WITH them, and not know all this. We either have to forget to live there or do forget for other reasons and never never look back or discuss. These people as my father are useless felons and lunatics who look normal, act normal, engage in normal lives, with nice clean homes and well paying jobs. What lies beneath that deceptive and all is well facade is disturbing. And not in your best interest to be around.

It is now September 16, 2015 and this among the other homicides that recently came back to me, just became clear to me this day. After doing this in earnest since summer of 2003. Working constantly 7 days a week often over 14 hours a day to record, make sense of, and otherwise associate these crimes and write them all down. Most of you wanted me to stop and complained right away in 2003 to "Just move on" and that "God loves you and suffers for you".... right.

At the end my father conceded this, admits to me with the simple statement since he knew he was defeated "I hate you", related to the drowning event he admits "The sentiment has not changed" which I found very hurtful as a 40 something year old adult man.... sitting and hearing this I said and thought why??? So what are we doing for the Holidays, not sure, right....

You wanted these people to get away with this and the Police, State and others including medical communities worked to compel that and to remove and suppress this witness of the crimes. You have the military involved in doing this to me, Police, clergy, attempted to run me over with cars while I biked, etc. Disgusting and more and I've done not one thing wrong. For Christ's sake I was a child for most of this.

Goode luck.

Hard to Kill (1990)

I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide -- ZZ Top
Produced By: Bill Ham

Well, I was rolling down the road in some cold blue steel
I had a blues man in back and a beautician at the wheel
We going downtown in the middle of the night
We laughing and I'm joking and we feeling alright

My mother assisted by holding the wheel of the moving boat while my father came back to where I was sitting to toss me overboard ...
What makes this worse is the following:

My father specially made a personal flotation device and added weights to it in order to turn it into an anti buoyancy device and he used that in the efforts to drown me.

I was told weeks in advance by him that he was preparing this in order to finalize his efforts to toss me into the lake to die, this was done in our home at 233 Washington Street Wilson NY 14172 USA. He tormented me with this and when he got home from work each day he'd say he was working on this as he did so before the boat ride.

When I was revived on the beach in Niagara On The Lake Ontario Canada, the man who cleared my lungs of water announced as he discovered this fact, Jesus Christ they murdered this kid, this thing is full of lead weights. Meaning the PFD that was tied around my neck.

Once in the hospital in Canada I was asked as to my name and I replied that I don't have one. They at first did not believe me and I also told them that my dad tossed me in on purpose and that he told me before this he would do this and he also made my life vest heavy so as to drown me.

After this hospital staff took fingernail scrapings and they found flesh under there and then took bite molds of my teeth since I told them I bit my father as he went to toss me in from the moving boat.

For some reason I was returned to my parents following this without knowing why or what was being done. I was sent to Kindergarten without a name and this would be at least 2 years after this event.

Dick Ehlinger working on the IRS SCRIPS project with SUNY Buffalo and CEDAR and Grumman Data Systems, made some poorly worded comments during his meeting with Dr. Sargur Srihari and I. With "No name and it is a ham" about someone's hero sub sandwich for our lunch meeting. I was insulted on the job at IRS, USPS, and DOD Raytheon/Diehl about child harms the State had done to me and this is another example of that. This is a reference to this homicide along with arsons of local Wilson NY business and homes such as Hub Hotel in Wilson NY.This seems to be a slur related to this and The CIA's botched Bay of Pigs operation in Cuba.

The other problem for my father was he knew too much about my work environment and one time told me or complained that is, about the fact I walked out of an IRS Service Center in Covington KY since nobody was there to assist me. This is a secure facility and largely the ongoing business there would be of NO concern of his. He'd have no way to know or need to know this. So how did he?

Prior to joining SUNY Buffalo and CEDAR I was working doing toll systems programming work and the director of field service, Bill Ginnegaw, asked me to go with him to the Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls Ontario Canada to meet someone he knew called Terry Lloyd. I agreed and we went to meet Lloyd on the bridge.

The meeting largely seemed pointless and near the end Terry Lloyd told me you are in Canada now and I said I realized this. He spoke to Bill and said something to the effect this is the guy and said this is not good, and Bill asked why are the Americans not taking care of this and Lloyd said I don't know, they are not responding to us. So at this point I was lost since this seemed to be about me but something other than work.

So what happened here is that Canada lost track of me since they had no name, and could only follow my family. Bill Ginnegaw was close to the president of the company, Thomas Quinlan, and he had Gary Kadow pull and verify my employment file and Kadow had me verify my parents since they were listed as emergency contacts on my file. Gary Kadow asked me "These are your parents, by birth?" and I said yes and they live there at 4483 East Lake Road Wilson NY 14172 USA.

Ginnegaw then gave this to Terry Lloyd who used that to verify who I was and link me to my parents properly. This is a homicide. Ginnegaw was then told that this is a real problem and during the ride all the way back to Buffalo from Ontario he was silent.

Later towards the end of 1986, I was let go, earlier that week Eve Rothman my live in girlfriend also decided to leave me and go back to her father's place at 185 East 85th Street Apt 2K NYC, NY. I was home visiting my parents the Saturday after all this and the phone rang and my mother came in to the living room from the kitchen where she took the call and in her nice sweet mommy voice said to me "Terry, Gary Kadow from Automatic Tolls Systems is on the phone". I went to the kitchen to talk to Gary who offered me my job back and I accepted.

Going back into the living room my father made the comment "We were just pinged".

He knew what this was about and that I had talked to Lloyd in Canada somehow. I asked him to explain that and at this point he admitted they drowned me when I was a child and he asked me to leave.

Saying "You drowned when you were a child and this is my fault. You were in Canada. I need you to leave now."

So I got up and went to my Nova to drive back to Buffalo.

Unbreakable (2000)

The Sixth Sense (1999)
Commentary by friends such as Doug Golde and Mike Scheuneman since they knew all of this:

Fish lips through a baggy.

Upsidedown and sinking.

Race to the bottom.

There is a hole in there somewhere.

Time is fun when you are having flies.

Smoke my dick.

I commented to David Bartnik at CEDAR who accused me of shoplifting when he met me at CVS in the SUNY Buffalo UB Commons "I said no with my work schedule and overtime hours you are the only thief I know here, but based on your say so they are taking me out back and beating me with rubber hoses." He was horrified and did his own weebles wobble event.

V8 Nam Class of 65'

Kill them all, let God sort them out.