How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Doug Golde, Tom Palisano, Kenneth Morris Banks III - The Three Stooges Confess.

Doug Golde and Kenneth Morris Banks III had a telling conversation in front of me early on in the relation with KMBIII at 254 Minnesota Avenue Buffalo NY and I was not sure it was really about me, seems it was. Ken asked about if I was right or left handed and Doug was standing to my right and Ken to my left and we were in the dining room of the flat and Doug iterated it won't matter, I've ridden with him and he will change up on you. I was not sure what this was about and Doug explained further I've only seen it a few times but it is brutally fast and like a cannon shot and he said I can't duplicate or do it. Doug looked right at Ken and said this WILL NOT be as easy as you think.

So this spoke to the plans in advance of me having an "accident" and Ken even bragged something to that effect and during this he also claimed I was a "persona non grata". And even became defensive and surly when I explained I doubt this to be true, akin to Ellen Golde when she claimed or offered use of a femme fatale on their front porch at 520 Lake Street Wilson NY, and my father in his home at 4483 East Lake Road Wilson NY regarding mention of Fourth Reich Nazi Nonsense. "OH YOU DON'T THINK SO??!?!??" ... Interesting.
I had a similar event happen with Mike Scheuneman that went on with Tom Palisano Jr. and Doug Golde Jr. Mike and I had just seen a Morrisey concert in Ontario Canada with a friend of his Rick Cheniere and I was told Rick is a Private Investigator. We rode up in Rick's car and were on the way back and just about to cross the bridge into the USA.

Again the conversation was turned to be about me without me knowing it and proceeded in a vague fashion such that I remained largely in the dark on it. Rick commented to Mike to warn him and basically say you are on the wrong side of this, Mike largely thought it was funny and the fact I was being lied to and misled made the joke for Mike that much more clever. I don't know that Mike knew this would lead to homicide, I assume Doug Golde Jr did since it was discussed more than once and he said as much first time we met essentially.

Rick told Mike don't mess with this guy and don't think you are going to do this yourself. The plans as were alluded to in front of me say with KMBIII and Doug Golde Jr essentially said I'd have an accident. That was at 254 Minnesota Avenue in Buffalo and Doug warned Ken this won't be as easy as you think. And this was Rick's way of warning Mike that he is on the wrong side of this and it won't go his way despite what ANYONE may have told him. Rick said I've talked to my people and there are some things you don't know and this is far worse than you know. Point being Rick said it won't matter since you are on the wrong side of it and this guy thinks you are his friend. Rick went on to say this will effect YOU personally no matter what happens now since you are involved the wrong way. This was one of the few times that Mike was speechless, not knowing what to say. Again I had no idea this was about me.

Rick Cheniere lived on Sharon Drive in Lockport NY 14094 USA.

Mike didn't miss it, he just didn't see it.
At one point as I now recall Tom Palisano and Doug Golde argued when we lived at 810 Amherst Street in Buffalo NY circa 1986. Not sure what started it but Tom explained to Doug how he wanted "out", as he put it. I had no idea what the context of the problem or discussion was and it went on. Doug explained to Tom that everything is fine and spoke to some reward at the end of it all etc. Doug iterated anew to be patient, we have more help coming. I assume this meant that since I had left Eve Rothman (The current femme fatale) that Heike was in the works.

Tom was exasperated and almost vehement and snapped at Doug, out of character for Tom who was visibly upset and shaken(ing) and said "YOU ARE NOT A MARTYR DAMN IT!" and it went on. Tom iterated how he is tired of looking over his shoulder, said we don't know if this guy is telling the truth (Meaning me about 1981 knife attack since I said I don't recall it) and he said he does not want to wake up dead, this is serious....

Then he said look at what I have out front here, and we don't know that this is going to work or what this person is capable of.

I had my Honda VF1100S/V65 Sabre parked out front.