How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

TransOnion, PsuedoFax, And Experium. Big Three Credit Shams In The USA.

Once you go through something like I have been through you realize the profoundly useless nature of these three credit reporting agencies, Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax.

I am the victim of numerous crimes and that says nothing to denigrate my character and would not, and I won't be treated prejudicially because of that or pay you or anyone else any more for it. In other words I don't pay extra from that. Why would I?

Attempting to work with the credit bureaus ends up being a waste of time since the overall architecture is a fraud, it does not work. My case proves that out in the extreme by the nature of the harm to me and the fact that this has gone on for over one decade, 11 years.

My SSN may need to be replaced as the harm to me is so severe and involves a former spouse, friends, and family including a mother and father who conspired to take my life and they have this number along with other personal identifiers about me.

Others act to protect them by taking the law into their own hands. They share that information outside this process and in violation of additional laws beyond this fraud.

These parties would have no witness and would have a prejudicial opinion in that regard to begin with. They want something for nothing. Or to cause a complete stranger harm.

They would be criminals anyway despite having no witness and theirs is worth nothing by that. These acts prove that of them.

This would be hearsay despite any of that and useless in any regard.

You can't act on it to begin with since that would be a crime, seen as vigilantism, and supporting of other crimes against my person and property and finances.

It has nothing to do with me. And it does not speak to my character at all.

This would be extortion and a want for me to purchase something to cleanse my reputation. Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax conspire in that crime and all the others by that.

I am disabled from the violent and abusive crimes these people have done to me. I have millions of dollars in lost wages and property and other savings. With my skills I can locate jobs in a number of hours using just a phone interview and be making $100/hour, forever. I have computer expertise you can't teach people and we are impossible to hire for. There is no reason for this.

For instance my current report has a number of inaccurate entries some derogatory and some good, including many address records that are wrong.

That includes NY State's admission of guilt that this is their fault, it is, and that includes a tax lien for TY 2003.

I had assets held in relation to a divorce from a woman I now learn I was never legally married to and still am not divorced from. That is from TY 2003. Judge Vincent Doyle was ill with brain cancer and was incompetent and was arrested for shoplifting before he ruled on the divorce and dies in 2006.

I have bank accounts STILL held illiquid from me 11 years later and that is just wrong. The lawyers seem to have conspired in this set of violent felonies now by that.

By that I still can not file for TY 2003 and they'd need to refund essentially all taxes paid to them since they denied me service. I now learn of crimes they conspired in against my person dating back to 1981, a hate crime, and child harms. They acted upon them to deny me service as a State and to profit from the crimes.

The State is at fault here and admits that, and all monies I had were paid to the woman who promised me she'd take my life. It seems she was not kidding about that. I don't pay NY State more for their crimes or hers.

And essentially any lunatic can make an inaccurate slur into your Big Three reports and have someone else expect you to pay them money for nothing.

Useless in total.

A crime.

So for now, since you are just a SlumLord, this has been your chance to be promoted and that goes especially for those who want to generate your FICO Score or those at the Big 3 credit agencies.

Now you conspired with these crimes and frauds and worked to assassinate and smear the character and reputation of (me) the victim. Many of these acts, false derogatory reports, and the rest are premeditated frauds as are the relations to begin with. I was specifically denied housing and banking products through overt violent and financial felonies and denials of service in order to maneuver me to places that could play upon my vanity based solely on certain aspects of the products or the collection agents they used. True fact. This was an engineered set of frauds and manipulation.

With that you have been promoted via your efforts to obstruct, remove witness, and assassinate my character from just a plain every day run of the mill SlumLord to: Pedophile, Child Murderer, Traitor, Spy, Terrorist, Murderer, Thief, Liar, Rapist, Whore, and Huckster.

The point is you planned to do this all along and I had to hear this admission of guilt from my car salesman Jeff Prall at Pat Moran GMC in Rochester Hills Michigan back in 2001.

I even had a person named Rob Grogan at an apartment locator firm in Texas claim of me "You don't pay your bills" and used that to justify the fact a place he recommended wanted me to pay one year of rent plus two month's of deposit up front in a lease on a unit I never saw and they refused to send photos of.

Grogan went on to say that he has been through difficult times and then I told him first of all that:

1) His bad experience does not validate the fact I need to pay these people anything extra. It has nothing to do with me and this is about me and not him.

2) He has no witness of anything and neither do these people and it is not up to them or he to determine who I pay what and why.

So again this gets you back to where it is now. All of it being tossed in the trash.

I have a NYS tax lien still from Tax Year 2003 sitting on my report for monies I don't owe NY State and never did and that they can't collect. This is now July 2015 over 12 years later. Now as of begin of 2015 they stole $29.30 from an account they still had held relative to the divorce back in 2003 that they claim will be used to offset this "debt". This is theft and murder.

And I am still not able to file for that year or any others from those events as we speak today. More "Musings" from NYS and their fools in Albany NY.

Again the reports are of no use, since removing an errant entry later does not resolve the problem.

It only occludes or muddies the problem and I suffer harm in the interim.

The ledger would need to have the errors remain, show them as being in error, and then prove to others I was made whole.

It would also need to include those who acted upon them and how they are wrong.

It would need to be done in my witness ongoing.

Otherwise you'd be enacting or offering collusion with the crimes in fact.

If the process can't be used to protect me with the law then it can NOT be used to harm me as such.

The crimes by the 3 agencies or others would then preclude you or others from sharing any information with them, being they are a criminal body now.

"(c) The failure of a consumer to dispute the validity of a debt under this section may not be construed by any court as an admission of liability by the consumer."

You have no due process and act in bad faith to support the felons who did this.

This was premeditated.

And you don't profit from the result of your crimes as done to the victims and the situation you create in and of them and their life circumstances. The paradox is yours to suffer and to pay for.

And you don't wait longer and then blame them later for it since you broke the law to begin with.