How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Bible Proves Nothing

Since you can't define what it is to be Muslim, or Jew, or Jesuit and you have no witness of Jesus ever, nor does anyone else, you could not define any person today as being Jew, Muslim, or Jesuit since you have no metric and no proof of same... Another Kosmic Ponzi Scheme.

Citing their document won't work either since Bible is a fraud overall. And you can't be Christian since nobody can define it and it is nonsense overall as well.

You might as well say they have an odd smell and use that when you want to blame them as being felons who harmed your Church etc... again not of merit.

Beyond that Jesuits forgo and harm the living in order to be more concerned about those long dead 2000+ years ago.

You are now in the same trap where you install Jesus by elevating Muslims as a threat and none of that matters since when Jews come to your home and burn it down you arrest them as arsonists first and worry not about their professed faith.

Bible can't prove anything.

And these people harm their children and others to the point of death and then force them to forgive them.

So now your crusades in USA take on a covert and state sponsored approach.

Waving your Scimitars of Holy Jesuit Be One Or Else Ugly Stick Mantra.

The other problem with making a determination of fact regarding any person who attends worship or a Church will be who makes the determination someone is Muslim, Jesuit, or Buddhist?

If you can't measure someone's belief and understanding of things that are not logical or comprehensible and you are not willing to remove those in your home who do wrong, then you can't rely on the body to make any determination at all.

Look at The Church who asked me to leave as a result of nothing I did and something they or others did TO me. And they lied to me about atrocities done to me and they lied about me to others. Slander and libel and then they sued me in a court of law.

That says what you need to know along with their own mouths admitting and speaking to convict them. Do not do anything you are not able to tell to others including the children and women in this congregation... well too late when were you going to tell ME what you did to me?

Never it seems.

And every time you turn around you have new news about some "Crazed Muslim Cleric" doing something. They are criminals and I don't need to hear "Crazed Jesus Freak" harms children either.

Why accept a felon's offer of what their faith is especially when Jesuit faith and possibly others does not exist?

Just say what it is and leave religion out of it.

Too much of this hype of God 1.0 VS God 8.0...

+Albert Rogers Right on that, even though Jehovah's Witness members don't know what Jehovah means...

Which proves the State is a lie and their faith is as well. In God We Trust does that. Police want to use that to blame someone else when they play God.

Since you can't have both.

Faith has nothing to do with State, Religion has nothing to do with God, and State has nothing to do with politics.