How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Bible As Doomsday Script

I've seen that personally, using the Bible as a template of scripted harm in order to visit atrocities upon people even their own children as part of some belief system that says we must do this.

Nowhere in that text does it say visit the book/story of Job upon your kids.

This is JUST what these people are doing. Inventing their own Kosmic Event Horizon.

Why apply or enact bad examples and exemplars of failure upon people?

Instead of using them to know better, you instead take Aesop's Fables and repeat them ad infinitum unto your victims and use the fact they were discussed as validations they are not crimes. Since they are.


Other Godplay scenarios play out in USA on a macroscopic scale as well.


Why make your doomsday prophecies self fulfill as being doom?

Playing and inventing God does not make your cabal God. It makes you traitors and terrorists.

God would not be something acting like God, but indeed would be a higher power that does not need his own script to control you.

This says people (leaders) are faking it.

The point should be that these are things not to do, as in use them as bad examples and see doing them as the want to suffer doom. It does not say that your acts of doing this have God's blessing upon you.

Point is this proves you are playing God since it fits these patterns and templates.