How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Niagara County Mental Health Designee Admits State Efforts To Euthanize Me.

Following my wife's murder attempts in 2003, my father sat with someone from the Niagara County Police, a mental health designee, Barry Covert, and he was worried and said to this person from the State:

"You missed, we discussed this, this was not supposed to happen."

Covert snapped/pointed his finger at dad and said: "SHUTUP! NOT ONE WORD MORE, you just blew it...."

Point also is that Covert replied too quickly to this, in that he knew fully the problems overall. The casual observer who was not complicit in this plan all along would have taken longer to realize this, me for instance.

It went a bit further and dad said to Barry he needs two witnesses and Covert sighed and said no, they only need his.

In other words my father panicked since I was still alive but mortally wounded. He knew I'd figure this out, these people actually planned to euthanize me and the State is involved in that plan.

Here my father incriminates both of them.

Right after this Covert looks at my father and says, it is not going to work, and my father replied, I know he is too smart.... I was supposed to be dead.

Then to deepen the trauma in me Covert started to make demands and to hope to tell me we are in control here and not you, we are going to take you to the hospital, as in have your murdering spouse do this for us, and if you don't cooperate we are going to call the Police.

I thought this is odd, why do all that? If I refuse, which I have a right to do, then the Police can not help you at all, and should not either, since they are at fault and not me. What will the Police do for you now?

They will have no reason to charge me with anything and it is up to me who I see as a doctor and when. This looks like their lynch mob all over again and a want to blame me for cooperation with them later by repeating the problem and moving it around some for some reason. A rotation of the vanity of the attack and a want to have me be back in the care of those who did it all over again. As in move the vanity around but essentially do the same thing, harm the victim with it and blame him for it and then threaten to call the Police to punish the victim anew.

Get that, as I sit there in front of them bleeding into my brain, they discuss how they are not going to get away with the murder they messed up.

My own father. And the Police to act as enforcers to complete the murder if need be.

This speaks to the complicity of the State and collusion with and support of pedophile parents who are violently abusive as well and their want to cooperate to the bitter and and beyond to euthanize me covertly. We will never move forward from this, it went too far.

The name Covert is likely a joke. Designed to hope to discredit me for seeming foolish by citing it. He'd be a shill for the law.

He can call himself Adolf Hitler for all I care at this point.

They were too quick to summon this person and it seems all we needed to do was snap our fingers and the cops jump for some reason and when I cite violent harm and felonies against my person nothing is done. Why is that?

There was too much cooperation here and this tells me that this violent fraud was done by the State by and large in order to support the violent and perverse harm to my sister and I as children.

My father was coached during this at one point and was told he should offer to give me a hug.

Lunacy. Murder your son and plot his demise and offer you love him.

Here he discusses how they failed to remove what is looking like the better part of 300lbs of human trash with my name.

These people are fools.