How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

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Australia Loves Kids - Australia's Offer To Obstruct Related To Child Harm.

To summarize:

I meet all 5 criteria (many times over) for Australia's 866 protection visa.

On my first visit (circa late 2011) to Australia I flew into Sydney's Kingsford Smith airport.

I was met by a supervisor in Australia's Immigration and Border Protection who told me in effect that this is their fault, and that I am coming there to live and stay.

My response was that I was not here to accuse Australia of anything just to understand what this place is about and I asked then I assume we are fixing that problem in history to which he replied yes.

Murdering me twice does not fix that is my view now.

On another visit as I flew into Sydney once more, while sitting in the gate area facing a window, a black male piloting a people moving cart, came quietly behind me, as a person dressed in black, wearing a black hat, stood in his way, with the notion this was done to protect this other passenger, and in effect these two men acted in an effort to slice open the back of my neck and head as I sat there resting from the flight.

This was intentional and nearly succeeded.

During another trip to Sydney I awoke one morning in a Sydney area Hostel seeing I had been "Envenomed" in the lower calf area of my left leg.

This also was intentional and started to cause me immediate harm causing damage to my heart, CNS, and caused me now to be allergic to peanuts.

At no point did anyone intervene, act to seek justice, or to ask if I was OK.

I had to resolve and intervene myself on both of those.

Beyond that I was misled by banking concerns including at Westpac bank who indicated that my money is there, that they are acting on this, and that I should purchase a home there, etc.

In effect, all of what Australia said to me are lies beyond their admissions of guilt. Which are true.

More of this was discussed as I worked there on my witness and the Crown asked me to remain out of Australia, for now it seems no reason, from 2015 to 2018 as part of their process there. More lies and wastes of time and money.

In total these people acted with others to support the violent and perverse crimes done to me in USA and Canada and other parts of the globe.

And again for either event, Heike's effort to poison me June 06, 2003, and the later event where I was envenomed in Sydney Australia, I was never once told what was done.

I later determined myself that Heike used Mercury Chloride to kill me. How did Australia know this?

And what was the venom used in Australia?

This proves that these things are related as I suspected and this is deeply incriminating.

The Mercury poisoning required me to be chelated and a helicopter was involved, that event likely cost over $500,000.00 USD.

Then to murder the person again after that? Arrogant needs a stronger set of terms.

So why would Australia do this? This is antithetical to their charter and the 866 Protection policy.

I can't see how the US's position is defensible given their domestic policy to declare war on their own children.

It is also likely the reason that the US does not participate in any UN treaties or conventions for human rights abuses despite their want to claim they support and protect the rights of the people and their dignity. The US does NOT. I am finding the State actually sponsored the child abuse to me, coached my parents on techniques, and enlisted others to cause violent and perverted harm to me, including medical doctors and the like. I was harmed with medicine and of course denied medical treatment for my injuries.

I can cite and trigger protection on all 5 of these 866 concerns having been subjected to all of them, repeatedly in the USA and being an innocent victim of crime. My innocence would be guaranteed by a number of things including my age for some of them and that is not a mandate not to be tortured this way. Due process would be part of convicting me for punishment that would lead to incarceration and/or financial punishments and for me formal charges were never levied against me.

In addition I held positions of trust with the State (IRS, DOD, USPS) that most people would not pass background checks to obtain.

-- From --

People engage protection in Australia under complementary protection obligations if there is a real risk that if they return to their home country they will suffer any of the following types of significant harm:

1) Arbitrary Deprivation Of Life.

2) The Death Penalty.

3) Torture.

4) Cruel Or Inhuman Treatment Or Punishment.

5) Degrading Treatment Or Punishment.

Australia's obligation not to return people who might be subject to such harm derives from international human rights treaties to which Australia is a party. These treaties are the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) and the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CAT).

-- END Quote --

Those experts living in Australia need to read and know what it means to be a citizen in their own country:

From The Australian Values Statement that most Australians get wrong:

-- Begin Quote

I understand:

Australian society values respect for the freedom and dignity of the individual, freedom of religion, commitment to the rule of law, Parliamentary democracy, equality of men and women and a spirit of egalitarianism that embraces mutual respect, tolerance, fair play and compassion for those in need and pursuit of the public good

Australian society values equality of opportunity for individuals, regardless of their race, religion or ethnic background

the English language, as the national language, is an important unifying element of Australian society.

I undertake to respect these values of Australian society during my stay in Australia and to obey the laws of Australia.

I understand that, if I should seek to become an Australian citizen:

Australian citizenship is a shared identity, a common bond which unites all Australians while respecting their diversity

Australian citizenship involves reciprocal rights and responsibilities. The responsibilities of Australian Citizenship include obeying Australian laws, including those relating to voting at elections and serving on a jury.

-- End Quote

From my living there they'd need to be asked to read this since they seem to get all this dead wrong.

Most Australians are too worried about how they can divide you and harm you based on some prejudice and in the process mock this document and their own National Identity.

Then swindle money out of you. Anything for a dollar.... This "Chelating Agent" looks to be part of their clever murder for fun agenda that would nullify their 866 Visa process in total.

"Dimercaprol, also called British anti-Lewisite (BAL), is a medication used to treat acute poisoning by arsenic, mercury, gold, and lead.[3] It may also be used for antimony, thallium, or bismuth poisoning, but the evidence for these uses is not very strong.[3][4] It is given by injection into a muscle.[3]

Common side effects include high blood pressure, pain at the site of the injection, vomiting, and fever.[3] It is not recommended in people with peanut allergies.[3] It is unclear if use in pregnancy is safe for the baby.[3] Dimercaprol works by binding with heavy metals.[3]"

This explains the motivation for the poisoning as done in Sydney Australia using some form of venom in my left leg.

There was an agenda here and it was done with medical knowledge and knowledge of who I was and the history, The Australian State is at fault:

I ended up with an allergy to peanuts that would cause me to go into Anaphylaxis if I consumed them:


Skeletal Formula And Ball And Stick Model Of Dimercaprol:

Skeletal Formula And Ball And Stick Model Of Dimercaprol

Skeletal Formula And Ball And Stick Model Of Dimercaprol

Someone (Stephen Oram) hung their dog again. Or better yet, they screwed it.

For Stephen Oram, his problems remain where they started for he and I, that being he continues to obsess on his shrine of hate he makes for me. His typing style he takes from me where I often use the "Ellipses" as in .... etc.

As I wrote in other notes, Oram followed me out of Florida circa Spring 2011 and we met on Amtrak, I went coach this time and not first class and Oram approached me and began a dialog. He gave me a biz card from "Bonafide Floor Installers" as we first met. It seems to be about my father's father, who worked installing floors and did the floor in our (my) home at 4483 East Lake Road Wilson NY 14172 USA circa 1976 when we first built it.

He admits then a relation with a Raytheon VP named "Don", also has a friend who is a taxi driver named "Luke Williams", and we exchanged contact information and I told him I was going back to Tucson AZ for a while.

He visited me at the hotel I was staying in and during discussions with me he threatened me related to me harming his "Sister" which really is not possible. Since I know neither he nor his sister and they would not know me.

He went on in other conversations to profess he is wealthy, something about an accident and tort claim, and that he does not drive or have a license.

This all panders on my vanity too deeply and following having my "wife" enact murder in 2003, my Raytheon supervisor Roger Goode attempts murder on the job while I worked at Raytheon in Tucson. This was premeditated and my attorney back in Lockport NY Jon Louis Wilson (A Vietnam era fighter pilot) overall said too much about this event and others in the past.

There is too much wrong here and Oram knows too much and is on the wrong side of too much wrong. This is not my fault, and Raytheon had no right to act this way.

Now it leaves me to wonder about the women, such as his friend in Australia named Gretchen Stolte, and her supposed teaching credentials etc, why associate with this person and this kind of wrong doing?

Here again are links to Oram's and Stolte's Facebook pages where they look to mock the crimes done to me and overall support the fact they were done.

Overall it goes without saying, it is not in their best interest to do this. These people are deranged. And in this further effort of Oram's know that this is about an event where someone murdered me in my sleep and did damage to my heart. The venom caused me to be allergic to peanuts to the point eating them may in fact kill me, I had to intervene on that. This would have killed him, you, the Police in Australia who made it possible and enacted it with them, and certainly someone like Gretchen.

It ends as the typical cowardice and coward that Oram is, do something cheap and then hide behind women in it all. And for Gretchen I guess for her "Choosy Mothers Choose Jif" when they rape, torture, and murder their kids and kin.

-- Stephen Oram Hangs Himself Along With His K9 Girlfriend --

Stephen Oram Hangs Himself Along With His K9 Girlfriend Gretchen Stolte

-- Gretchen Stolte Approves Of Oram's Offer Of Murder And Bad Taste And Treason --

Gretchen Stolte Approves (MP4)

A Dogs (Dog's) life. Is it? Or that of a child? Was it yours to take?