How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Atheism Problems

Atheism has weak points also:

One man's quotes won't support or prove God as being not present any other place in the cosmos. You won't disprove God or Unicorns. Ever. Accept wrong as being flawed and go with what you know.

Point again is reject flaws and failures and move on. Worry not about replacing them with others...

Atheism always will be a belief system with no proof.

Absence of proof is not proof of absence.

Errors come from linking or associating rejection of one or more faith, with Occult or Satanism, or Atheism, really these are disjoint problems.

Being critical of Jesuit or any other faith does not require Atheism.

Vatican and Jesuit frauds self support as failures, you only need them to discredit them.

You trade bad faith for bad faith otherwise. Or close the door on options you might have or places you'd not look for answers to etc...

You can't disprove existence of something you can not define.

And you can't prove anything you can define as not existing in the Universe.

You don't need Atheism or Satan/occult to discredit bad faith or ANY faith.

Reason and logic will do that.

Rejecting Christianity or other bad faith does not make you the "Devil".

Since you and all other people of all other religions can not define "Their God" then you will never prove it exists or prove it does not exist.

And for most all of you in the process of this you can't even or don't even act on what you do know and make your own planet or home a mess. There is no reality for you.

In the end it is possible that all this mess you call the universe in space and time is connected but that does not mean someone is there making it all work moment to moment and that you have access to that thing somehow.

This ends up being about how you are connected to you and what you do know.

And you get ALL that wrong.

My Jesuit Notes


Since you can not define God then you can not prove he is there or that you need to do something for him.

Even if you could define God which you can not do, then you still could neither prove nor disprove he exists.

Since you can not be all places in the universe given you only have view of a small part of it here on earth in the current moment. Assuming even you don't view the x,y,z three space as ever increasing which makes your task impossible again.

Assuming you can define God then you'd not know that he has control in ALL other places in the cosmos...

POSSIBLY only in your view of this small part of that.

Eternity is not related to God at all or need not.

Religion does that and that is specious.

God implies a single point of control for all of the Universe.

And that you'd have access to that "God" via religion.

You will never prove either of those.

Since the Universe has infinite extent and you have access only to a small part of it in the here and now.

The task is impossible.

Assuming you could prove God, which you can not, you could never then substantiate ANY religion that deals with him.

And like the little people in the bus locker in Men In Black, you'd never know that your efforts to access or manipulate his actions have merit.

Religion markets you on the access.

A fraud.

Your temporal analysis is part of the problem also.

You can't know all time and all space.

And the ramifications upon you etc.

And the prize at the end, also bogus.

And you would still never know.

It gets back to the bus locker and tricks.


LandLord, SlumLord, etc...

Proof there is that God does not default or rely on fiat to cause people harm and lie about it in order to place it as a personal millstone around your necks.

And get it all wrong...

Those are the tricks and folly of men.

Why divide the people this way since both Muslims and Christians believe in Jesus who is a fraud overall and both do atrocities to their own children?

They are both wrong.

You end up hating you.

Again you trip on the notion of needing any God to disprove all others.

You can not prove any God ever and with that do not need to to disprove theirs.... but you can do so.

Since you can not define God and can not speak to it for all time past, present and future and for all places in the cosmos.


I can disprove ALL Gods for you.

And do NOT need to offer there is none...

Again accepting the overall common wisdom that God is all knowing and all temporal etc...

So you won't know.... being God is : Omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent....

It won't be provable.

I had a bad thought ten days ago, ask your God what it was and why I had it....

And in what corner of the Universe did that happen since you can not witness it?

Good luck on that.