How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Witness Regarding My Father's Discussions Indicating Premeditation For This.

Statements Made By My Great Uncle Arthur Baker To My Father -- Here is a conversation I witnessed when I was 8 or 9 years old between my Great Uncle Arthur F. Baker and my mother and father Ethel Marie Jones and Thomas Henry Jones Jr of Wilson NY.This was in Uncle Art's home on Braley Road in Ransomville NY USA. His wife Gladys Baker (McCormick) and my mother Ethel Marie Jones (Glenn) were present. I was sitting on the floor playing.

The background for this is as follows:

My father purchased a plot of land from a concern in New Jersey for about $6,000.00 circa 1968. This was a vacant lot at 4483 East Lake Road Wilson NY 14172 USA.

This was lakefront property and the lot itself was about 110 feet wide by 800 feet deep. It was purchased with the plan to build a new home for my mother and father and I. My sister Jennifer Lynn Jones was not in the works yet that I knew of she was born in 1971.

While he was attempting to purchase it, my father kept going over there and knocking down the for sale sign so nobody else could get it.

My father was loaned a large sum of money in order to buy this land and to build the home they now live in there worth about $500,000.00 empty today. Uncle Art was a farmer and owned some tracts of land in Niagara County. He loaned dad this money.

Uncle Art commented how he is not going to leave his farm to his kids, they are not going to get anything from him.

My father in an effort to appear to be on Uncle Art's side, admitted same for him. His kids won't get a thing from him. He went on to say since his father did nothing for him, why should he do anything for me?

Uncle Art listened intently as dad started to become red in the face and saw he had been trapped. Dad then blurted out, you tricked me!

Uncle Art said yes I did. And he then went on to say you've lied to me then. We agreed this home would be left to your boy, Terry.

My father started making excuses to the effect there is nothing here for him and he is leaving anyway. At this point I became very upset since I knew I was in this somehow.

Uncle Art said again, I see, but the only way you will fix this is by talking to Terry. He will make this right for you. I know what you are worried about and are going to do and it won't work.

My father went on and said he is too young, and he won't understand.

Art said wait, and talk to him later, he will be ok then.

My father said no, I won't do it and we have others helping us, we have other plans to resolve this. It was also mentioned by Art Baker he knew what was going to happen, that being you will blame Terry.

The situation became heated with harsh undertones but essentially Art went on to find fault with the Church, he is right, and he said he and his wife don't agree. Etc.

He went on to say well then here is the problem, I won't loan you any more money, you can visit here Gladys wants that to be so, but I won't visit you or speak to you again. Simple as that. Art comment how dad has spent all this money on two cars, a new 1968 VW Beetle that was about $2,400.00 in 1968, and a new factory ordered 1971 Buick Electra 225 convertible for $5,600.00. Art commented it was extravagant for someone who wanted to borrow money to build a new home and with a young son. He is right.

My father made a number of stupid decisions along the way, this is just one of them. Another is insisting on using all copper piping in the home including 400 feet of copper water line from the service feed out front, a lightening rod that almost killed all of us once as we stood in the basement and took a direct ground hit. And over 100 feet of 4 inch copper pipe that we poop into. Again PVC plastic pipe for sewer line is sufficient and plastic is recommended for water line for this reason. My father knows everything and is never wrong. Problem number one.

Art went on to say he will involve others and at that point my father started making threats related to people he knew and how he might get hurt and some of them are Italians etc. I think my father offered how Uncle Art might have an accident, and he did later not long after this, it likely was a fraud.

I'd offer that since my father has burned down one home that I know of across the street that he knows some criminals. This seems like a mafia threat to be fair.

Uncle Art said he has heard enough and by now Dad blamed him for upsetting me and Art said so what? You don't want him around anyway.

Uncle Art basically promised him you won't get away with this and he knows people who will not allow it.

From all of this it tells me that there was a plan to cut me out of the family all along, and the State and dad's friends in the law are going to help.

This is just what you have.

Art later allowed my father to take an orchard full of wood assuming he cut down the trees. Dad asked me to help with me not knowing there is a storm brewing. We were over there for weeks cutting wood and initially Art came out to talk to dad and dad told me I don't want you to talk to him, he is mad at me. I see why now. Art yelled at dad how he is making me do all this work and I'd see no benefit from it. I also worked my hands to the bone and bloody clearing this two acre plot of land and doing other work on the home that he is right about, I will see no benefit from today. I was 13 and 14 when this started going on.

During construction they almost parked a cement mixer truck full of concrete into the partially poured foundation of the home. Looking back now, and others comment to me as an adult about this, you might consider you may have been killed accidentally in that job. I was toting lumber and plywood all over the place, down in the pit of the basement painting the walls with waterproofing, etc. A perfect chance to get killed by a father who wants you not around. As a matter of fact, the NYS Trooper Joe Steblein had his son there one day, Joe Jr. and he tossed a big rock over the side of a dirt pile and hit my friend Tom Belschner in the head. I was standing next to Tom B. It gashed open his head and it bled all over the place.

This may have been directed at me. Joe Jr was killed when I was about 15 by a hit and run driver while he was riding his bike. Dad asked me in a fit of paranoia one day if I had something to do with it. How could I was my response, I did not even drive yet or have a way to know where he lived etc. He should have not been riding at night as he did. Hard to know now. What goes around comes around as they say. Live by the sword and be a criminal, then you might have some harm come home to roost. I have ZERO sympathy for these people now. Joe and dad's other friends like to harm children and they must have had a reputation since other men like Curry who owned a car repair shop on Church Rd and people at shopping malls told dad they did not like him. It was because he harmed me as a child.

Tom Belschner's father said as such, Sean Walp's father said so, and Stuart Forsythe's father all said they don't like my father and that they harmed me and that I don't know it. They are right. And the police are involved.

The home is not built properly and the main support I-Beam in the basement is too short, it is not tied off on both ends. I commented about that as a kid, but was told I don't know what I am talking about. Duh.

Knowing what I now know, I should have refused to help.

The other point about dad telling Art I was leaving, is that Dad used to threaten me all the time when we were alone together. Boating or fishing from his boat he used to tell me he is going to toss me overboard, that mom made him do this and he wanted to be alone, etc. And I believed him, he was not joking.

Eventually mom would not allow me alone with him and this is what he wanted anyway.