How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Complaints About Recent Domestic And International Air Travel.

Body of Airlines Complaints

Here is a summary of complaints I have with recent travel on your airlines and I am merging them with other complaints related to airport security. Backgrounds for the complaints are attached and you can all witness each other's sins as far as I am concerned. You want a show, then have at it.

Keep in mind as US security forces and airport and airline staff what it means to be a victim of violence and hate crimes, and what it means to file either a New Zealand 1071 or Australian 866 Protection Visa. Read specifically the law about non refoulement and how you can be prosecuted by this. In the US the FBI prosecutes hate crimes at the federal level. Treason and terror acts also.

Who do you work for now? Do you travel outside the US and know who Interpol is? I do.

So lets begin...

Air New Zealand:

There are many concerns here and I almost sit here and laugh this is so incredible and hostile. I attempted to make a phone complaint while I was in Auckland NZ last September 2013. I was treated rudely on the phone, basically given the impression I am a second class citizen, that you are all special people and certainly holier than thou, the male phone agent was disputatious, defensive, rude, callous, and basically said he did not want to hear it.

On that trip into Auckland from SFO I had a male passenger sitting behind me hitting me repeatedly in the head and the back of my seat. He made far too many trips to supposedly get his bag from the overhead, what looks like a small backpack that should have been stowed under the seat or over HIS seat, not mine. And each time he had to pretend to accidentally hit me in the head with it or his person.

Asking him to use better care had him become hostile, pretend he does not speak English as are all you people who sense an accent, bigots and hate mongers are you? And then he started putting his hands on me saying sorry as though he was not sure it was a question or a statement. Struck me as the typical Irish short guy with a drunken need to hit all the men larger than him. I found it offensive and needless and cowardly. It was also done intentionally and gets to my next points:

This person had knowledge of me and I can tell that and I knew it then. And he acted upon that for some reason and this will be the case for other staff members and some other passengers of Air New Zealand. This is assault. And stalking.

I have some very traumatic injuries, you don't need to know what they are, and you don't need to punch me in the head to get me to ask for accommodation from you or for any reason to determine if I am fit to fly. I might just punch you back and call that an accident too. Why not?

Let us assume from this point forward I am like all the other people, I am not a punching bag, or side of beef, and that we don't like to be hit in the head. Ok?

Some of my injuries involve brain trauma, done via poison, and you seem to think you have access to my medical records and then you write your own "Prescriptions" for this holistic set of informational miracles, knowing someone you don't know, and then healing them on the spot by punching them in the head and then mumbling and babbling like some kind of looney with a lisp.

Gate agents in SFO told me I had to have forward travel plans from Auckland and I said no I don't. That is up to me and the Government of New Zealand and since I have proof of harm, on a 1071, they can't make me leave. You insisted you knew better, this was up to you, and I paid almost $300 for a ticket I could have booked at any time to get me from Auckland to Sydney for about $100. There are dozens each day and barring that getting from Melbourne or Brisbane is just as easy. Why all the bother? And if I am going to stay, why indicate that now? Or suggest something dishonest by that? We don't know and if I don't then you sure as hell don't.

You might rightly now assume that I have no head. But then again if I was not sure of the knife in my back then why bother telling me about it? See the problem now? Or are you not as smart as you thought you were?

Let me make my own travel plans next time. I had over $1,000 in cash in my wallet. And more in the bank.

You have no prior knowledge of me and I have not complained until now about this and all these events are similar. This is my first, and last, travel with you.

Travel back from Auckland to SFO had me sitting between a female passenger with tattoo in the aisle seat, and a male passenger in the window seat. It was an exit row behind me with crew seating on the back of our seats.

These passengers had knowledge of me. How did they come to have it along with the other male passenger on the way in? It had to come from you and be leaked to them. How did they know who I was and where I'd be sitting? The female acted like she was "Double Wide", oddly had to apply too much cosmetics, had an elbow room problem, all her gestures were obviously made to intimidate me, take up extra room, or to shove me out of the way.

A non candid display gets you where she got to. It went on for the many hours we were in the air. People like this try too hard to avoid a human being sitting next to them, she said NOT ONE thing to me for the 12 hours or more we sat together, and basically indicated like the other male passenger to Auckland that her sh!t does not stink. Sorry to be rude but that is the best way to sum that up. Are you all that special? Really? And why do I need to suffer you? Does the tattoo help? Not for me it doesn't.

The male passenger made a number of comments seemingly to indicate he knew about me and I had been hurt recently. I contracted a case of Tetanus and he had knowledge of it somehow and he knew how I was able to heal it myself. I told nobody about it or how I resolved it nor do I share my travel plans with ANYONE. Ever. I am all alone in the world, have no family or friends, and my travel is booked by me alone.

As we arrived SFO, your fat stewardess all but knocked me out by violently slamming the back of my seat with the notion she was putting hers back in place. Maybe to better accommodate your beastly women staff you need to make more durable and idiot proof planes where you can lock them in stainless steel cages when they are not out shining the delicate portions of the landing gear mid flight, all done for my protection of course. This is assault. And stalking. It might be attempted murder if you thought I had a brain embolism or such? Care to comment? What did she know?

She then glared at me with this glossy red eyed kind of scared and guilty look as she deplaned with your other lynch mob members you call pilots and stewards.

I have a similar set of concerns with events on an earlier flight into Sydney Australia from California in March 5 of 2013.

Again your motives and methods will be called into question. On that flight we ostensibly had a black female passenger with small son in tow arrive at the last minute in a panic and rush. She was the last one on the plane and we had to believe this allowed her to run full tilt down the right side aisle of the plane with her son strategically 7 meters behind her and of course you had me sitting in the aisle seat next to a lanky young male teenager with empty seat next to him on the left aisle. She of course had a small gift bag on her right arm and it was used to bash me, and only me, in the head as she bolted passed. This was intentional.

You set this up.

White female passenger to my right on the other side in the aisle seat just one back from me, was looking for retaliation. Later, every time I looked at her out of the corner of my eye without turning my head for the WHOLE FLIGHT, 100's of iterations, she was staring at me. Eventually I started to let her know I was watching then she'd avert her eyes.

She had knowledge. And if you are looking for a response in the form of retaliation then you know you have a problem.

You know you have a problem.

Lanky teenager next to me of course needs to wave his arms around excessively possibly giving me the impression his "reach" is longer than mine. I bet it is not.

The character of his actions is rapid, impulsive, excessive, and he also was looking at me all the time for a response or staring at me when I was not looking. It went on constantly even when he moved to put him in the other aisle seat and leave the one between us vacant. He still saw fit to use two seat back radios and then wave his hands at the side of my head for the entire flight.

Each time I'd look at him he'd quickly pretend to be looking at the radio. It was funny as all hell. And lame.

Passenger behind me with small son, son is not sitting in the safer non aisle seat but behind me in the aisle seat and now you know what is coming too. The son used the back of my seat in order for him to put his stubby legs into shape and do leg presses on the back of my head. And then another bad parent can blame me for his kid's stupid behavior. This went on for most of the flight also.

A male (Arabic?) steward while serving me on a number of occasions saw fit to shove his elbow into my face and gesticulated with it excessively, kind of making me move my head out of the way. You have an elbow problem again here. This looks like retaliation to be fair and it is excessive.

It also sends the message you are criminals, and that you like to harm victims of crime and seek revenge upon them in the air as you did to me. You have no right to do this and I know the law better than you. It won't work in the USA or OZ or New Zealand.

When I arrived in Sydney I stayed at a Hostel on 16 Orwell Street in Potts Point NSW 2011. Another male guest claiming to be named Peter also had knowledge of me and this flight. He made odd commentary indicating he thought I harmed this child somehow, and I did not, and upon the day of his early morning departure I woke to find him gone and I had been envenomated badly by a redback spider on my left calf. His other dialog seemed to indicate he brought this with him, mentioning a YouTube video about some hitchhiker with an axe who attacked someone in defense of someone else. This person in the video I now learn was charged with murdering someone else. This person Peter could and should be charged with attempting my murder. This could have been fatal and it was done with information share with you and this charade you enacted upon me in the air.

You are responsible for this mess and it was intentional. I can also see your approach and why, you'd cite paranoid defenses, and the want to say I think the world is out to get me, or I keep saying the same thing, when really you keep doing the same thing and involve more and more people to break the law then rely on the defense of audacity to blame me for it. This is your fault and your doing. You pay for it. And no, you are not that smart. You are fools to be fair.

I am done with Air New Zealand.

Maybe you can change your name to Nazi Lynch Mob Airlines or Perverts In The Sky Raping Kids For Fun. Good luck.


I connected via Delta to get me to Atlanta GA and then on to Buffalo NY. During the segment into Atlanta I was offered a drink by the black female stewardess and it arrived with a large chunk of ice in it. Too large really.

I had the glass of ice with dollop of tomato juice, I ordered the juice and not the ice, and later was done with it. I offered her to take and toss it out but she saw me, looked at it, suggested I hold it longer, and then she refused to take it from me. She knew something was wrong with it in other words. She WAS collecting trash from other passengers at that time. Later I was able to get her to collect the cup with the rest of the ice.

I began to feel ill and had an upset stomach just before we arrived in GA. I deplaned and had a male hispanic in grey shirt attempt to trip me as I walked past. He was in the seat in front of me but he waited to deplane and once he saw I was leaving my seat now he did as well. I was in the aisle seat so this seemed like a good choice of time to deplane. He of course had a small carry on bag with wheels like all such people do. Instead of checking the bag they need to use them to trip others with it. It seemed not to have anything in it.

While in the airport before I could find a rest room I partly soiled my pants as planned from the bad beverage and had to remove my briefs and toss them out and clean up in the bathroom. The black male janitor was waiting for me and was bashing on the stall door while I was in there cleaning, he knew I had been harmed. I tossed my shorts in the trash and then went on my way sans underwear.

Other people knew of this and you had your ducks in a row since as I waited for my flight to Buffalo NY and as I see in keeping with your website design, reference to Bermuda Shorts, I had what looked to be my former spouse, probably a double designed to look like her, sitting acting scared in the gate for the flight to Bermuda on the gate opposite Buffalo NY. I laughed and said this is BullShi(r)t.

Your gate staff and other staff stood there making commentary so I could hear it about databases, and some other computer crap I don't need to hear telling me the show was for me. I don't care to hear it and you can keep your hands out of my underwear and off of my person thanks.

Again this is not up to you and maybe you can change your name to Vigilante Express or Ghetto Mafia Airways.

Do you or any of your "passengers" know me personally that you can offer motive for your crimes?

Take care how you answer that one.

For everyone:

In the end of it, who are you to judge me or to take the law into your own hands or raise your hand to me? And based on the history of what you did and said to me there is nothing you stand for or against so it is NOT POSSIBLE that I did something wrong, since there is no taboo for you.

You have a problem with pride, prejudice, and the law. As in you like to stand for it, against it, and then hide behind it and then have others (not) enforce it for you.

And I am not your kid.