How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

Abuse Paradigms

Abuse Paradigms:

Adults get that wrong also, yes that helps.

AND you can't make another person not harm you. Or care about you.

And being related or married to them won't obligate them at all.

AND you don't need to understand it.

AND you won't fix it.

What you believe and do won't matter and they may involve others to harm you.

To add:

Don't allow others to support child harm now since you are older.

You can survive now without the abuser(s).

There is no need to fix some things since you can not. Since you are not at fault you can't fix it.

You need to reject abuser's opinion in total if it is wrong.

Injury from abuse is not illness.

Don't allow people of "faith" or otherwise to blame you and/or to suppress your witness.

You don't forgive people who have no forgiveness for the crimes they did to you.

You don't pay for the crimes of others. There is no obligation on you to do so.

I don't pay you or suffer your belief by proxy for their crimes and what you believe I need to do for them.

You don't forgive those who harm children and do murder since they are no longer able to speak to the problem.

They are dead to it for all time.

I don't need to accept YOUR views at all and certainly not at this late date for it.

Why speak now?

You are dead wrong.

And the Church no longer has a voice and yours is of no use since you can't speak for it either.