How I was murdered in my own home and lived to pay for it.

About Me

Welcome. I left the church after I realized they conspired in (another) homicide done to me and had done former atrocity to me including child harms. Once I became aware of the crime they asked me to leave denying their faith. They knew I discovered the truth and were angry about that fact. A problem.

Following that I examined the foundation and Gospel they rely on to understand if and how it fails or works. I concluded that Jesus defeats Vatican and Church overall since you don't murder an innocent to pay for you and he largely decided to kill himself and blame others and eventually you for his offer to pay for you.

The Begin Of The End.

Atheism is invented on the contrived notion of God. Which is a paradox.

You support one debacle on the first one.

Problem overall is proxy on burden and lack of proof does not prove lack of object.

Task == Impossible


To Jesuits and Vatican crimes remove credibility and murder of innocent is not payment for you.


His offer is all you need. He does not pay.

Being a real man 2,000 years ago or not. You won't prove that.

The logic is all you need as is the law.

Law is plain.

You burn down my home you pay for it.

You don't murder an innocent (Or not) man to pay for your crimes.

He took his own life essentially, you don't make yourself a martyr.

And even that won't pay or suffer another man's problem.

Extend this logically, what is in this for you? Since with this you set in motion a course of action that creates a growing group of people who (as you do) accept they are not accountable.

Does this fit your definition of State?

Jesus is not State.

The Bank of Christ?

You pay... where is your money then since they won't account.

It comes back round same way, a man can not live in another man's dysfunction.